Pattern Your Life

Jan 11, 2019 | Discipleship

Philippians 3:17 NLT
Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example.

The one thing that always limits our exposure in God is the fact that we are not exposed to right kind of people around us.

The kind of people we are surrounded by, or we are looking upto or learning from, the role models that we place in our lives will determine how much our growth is going to be or how much we are going to fly or soar high.

In Philippians 3:17, Apostle Paul is saying we need to follow certain patterns in our life. He is saying we should not blindly follow the things that we see, instead we should know whats the result of that pattern that we are following.

Paul says, there is a pattern of his walk with God – the way he prays, the way he ministers, the way he gives, the way he worships God and treats the word of God. He wants the church to learn from him and imitate those pattern of his life.

If we have a spiritual father and their sons and daughters follow a pattern of life of their spiritual father or those who are under our pastor or leader and are intentional about following a pattern of life that are ahead of us, we should learn from them.

Observe how they treat their finances or honor their leaders or spiritual father or how they behave around with the leaders – learn those principles that give you great access, not only to your leader but to the heart of God.

Jesus Himself told the disciples “As the Father has sent Me, I send you into the world”. In other words, the same respect that the world got to show for Jesus we need to show to the people or leaders that Jesus has sent into our life.

We should humble ourselves and learn from the people that God places over our life.

Let the word in Philippians 3:17 go deep to our hearts and revolutionise our walk with our leaders, spiritual fathers and our pastors this year.

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