Rebellious People

Jan 24, 2019 | Discipleship

Titus 1:10 NLT
For there are many rebellious people who engage in useless talk and deceive others. This is especially true of those who insist on circumcision for salvation.

In Titus 1:10, Paul is referring to a group of people who are forcing the people to get circumcised as rebellious. In 1st century church, the primary members and preachers of the gospel are Jews. The twelve disciples of the Jesus are also Jews. God gave them a mandate to preach the gospel to the world.

Why is Paul calling those who insist on circumcision as rebellious people? Isn’t circumcision given by God as a covenant in the Old Testament?

In New testament times, there are people who gathered to study this doctrine of circumcision and had come to the firm conclusion that the law was fulfilled in Christ Jesus and the new people who are added to the church don’t have to keep the law, circumcision and traditions of the Jewish any more. So the church in Jerusalem and the elders decided and sent a proclamation to all the churches saying we don’t need to be circumcised to follow Jesus.

The rebellious people who are still engaged in deceiving others by continuing to emphasize on circumcision and their way of living being replicated to all the other people who are getting baptized and added to the church, Apostle Paul calls such teaching as useless and deceptive doctrines.

How often do you listen to the people that are speaking contrary to what your pastors or leaders are teaching you in your life or you are preaching against them?

As these days everybody is teaching and having to say something or the other about God which ends in creating chaos and confusions for the people that are receiving. We need to know how to identify those rebellious voices in our life and submit to the doctrinal belief system of our church to an extent that we are not rebelling against their teachings. So it’s necessary to be in the place where we don’t rebel against the doctrines of the church or leaders that God has placed over our life.

If anyone is insisting by saying this is the only way to get saved, blessed and walk into your freedom, then be alert. Because insistence is not the way in which Jesus led His disciples. He gave them the choice, the freedom to do what He was asking them to do. Bible says several people left Jesus because He gave them the option to walk away. If you have a leader or you are that leader insisting people to follow your ways, your doctrines and teachings, Bible calls it as useless and deceptive.
Ask God to expose every deceptive teachings and conversations that we engage in.

Father, we pray that your light will expose every hidden thing. Everything in the dark let it be exposed right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Lord for you are causing there to be a perspective and an answer in every area of your children’s life that no false doctrine or teaching will continue to remain that is rebellious, argumentative and useless or deceptive in nature. We pray and bless your children in Jesus mighty name. Thank for hearing our prayer in Jesus name, amen!

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