Special Garments

Jul 11, 2019 | Discipleship

Special Garments

Jul 11, 2019 | Discipleship

Exodus 39:1 HCSB
“They made specially woven garments for ministry in the sanctuary, and the holy garments for Aaron from the blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

In the Old Testament the people who had to serve and minister before the Lord in the sanctuary, they could not just wear anything and just walk in. They needed to have a specific garment, especially, the high priest.

People could differentiate between a Levite and an ordinary Israelite just by the garment the Levite used to wear.

Now, that is how God wants us to live even in the New Testament. God has given us His righteousness to wear and to manifest. It is not something that we just believe in our heart and know that we are righteous; it is also something that has to manifest in our lives every day with everything that we do.

When people look at us, they need to see that our lifestyles represent the character of God, presence of God, the voice of God, and the heart of God.

To reach that high place where people will begin to recognize that we carry God on us, the first thing would be for us to make a constant habit of just waking up every morning and reminding ourselves the fact that we have put on Christ. We need to show-off the presence of Jesus with every word that we speak, and the people that interact with us need to have an experience of God’s love, grace, kindness, and mercy over their lives.

Let none of us walk out of our homes in a very casual way, but instead, let us take it serious that we are the children of God and we need to remind ourselves that we need to represent Jesus well through our character.

Our standard of purity, holiness, and separation needs to continue to increase and grow everyday. As we keep ourselves separated and not defiled by the things of this world, God will find our lives and bodies to be such attractive vessels that He would not mind manifesting His presence.

Let us pray today that before we leave our room, God will remind us of this one fact that we have put on Christ so that the world around us can see and experience God like never before.

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