Trade Your Inheritance

Sep 24, 2018 | Discipleship

1 Kings 21:3 NLT
But Naboth replied, “The Lord forbid that I should give you the inheritance that was passed down by my ancestors.”

It is necessary that we prioritise the things that we need and want in our life. There may be stuff that are more alluring and easy to achieve but God may not have ordained it for us.

In 1 Kings 21:3, the bible talks about a story where King Ahab went to Naboth and asks him to sell his vineyard and so he can use it as a vegetable garden.

Doing business with the king can be profitable, that you would be in the good books of the royal family for generations. For example the Solomon’s temple was built on a threshing floor that King David had purchased from a man. And yet, Naboth even though he knew it would be profitable he didn’t give it away because it was an inheritance that he received from his ancestors.

If you are a child of God you have an inheritance through Christ Jesus and through your spiritual father that God has placed over your life and sometimes like Esau we give away our inheritance in exchange of small things.

The enemy convinces us to give away everything that our fathers have worked hard for.

How serious do you take your father’s inheritance? Are you willing to compromise it for a promotion, a man that you are going to get married to, for a different city that you want to get a job in or anything? If you are then you are giving way your inheritance to make more money or for the sake of a better and more famous outcome in your ministry.

Nothing that God has released in your life whether it might be the promises in the scriptures or it may be through your spiritual parents, may you remain in alignment with your father so that never in your lifetime the enemy will be able to steal your birthright or your inheritance.

If King Ahab needs to get the vineyard, he has to kill Naboth for that matter. The enemy use the same tactic. So often the world will tempt you with the lust of the eyes, but you have to learn to turn your eyes and keep it on Jesus, on more eternal blessings than the temporary ones.

Though King Ahab got the vineyard, he couldn’t keep it for a long time because it didn’t belong to him.

The inheritance has a way of going back to the rightful owner if you follow the principles, but if you give it away yourself it won’t come back to you like in the life of Esau.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and disconnect from every distractions that is trying to steal your inheritance today.

May the Lord bless all my sons and daughters with a double portion that I carry, of my walk with God, and a double portion of what I have been receiving from my fathers.

God is realising something fresh, be a grateful receiver and don’t trade it for anything.

God bless you.

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