Drenched with Rain

Dec 19, 2017 | Podcast, Revival

Psalms 65:10

You drench the plowed ground with rain, melting the clods and leveling the ridges. You soften the earth with showers and bless its abundant crops.

Series: Psalm 65

This week we focus on trusting in Him rather than ourselves.

It has been seen that God desires to water the earth to make it rich and fertile.

It is not just a sprinkling of water that He promises, but a shower to drench.

A sprinkling of water can be dried off.

Drenching leaves no area of dryness.

This drenching levels every ridge and every hard unproductive area.

It softens every obstacle hindering fruitfulness by the power of this Water.

Every hard heart can be overcome, but only by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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