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A Wild Inhabitation

May 2, 2018 | Evangelism

Isaiah 13:21 NLT
“Desert animals will move into the ruined city, and the houses will be haunted by howling creatures. Owls will live among the ruins, and wild goats will go there to dance.”

Series: The Book of Isaiah

The blessing of walking with God is that it never gets old. After each passing day, you still continue to go to God for something new, fresh, better, higher, deeper, much more wider and that is the grace of God.

So many times we try to tell ourselves that we don’t really need God. We try to tell ourselves that we can live without God, His presence, power and His provision. We think we are smart enough on our own and we do not really need God and we try to convince ourselves of this one thing.

The bible gives a very strong warning for that in Isaiah 13:21, “Desert animals will move into the ruined city, and the houses will be haunted by howling creatures. Owls will live among the ruins, and wild goats will go there to dance.”

Here it’s actually describing Babylon, that  because of it’s disobedience it will come to a place where it will be deserted and empty and it will have no inhabitation. When it has no inhabitation, as a natural result of the fact since there is nobody living in there the bible says wild animals are going to come.

Why do we make a house? A house is made to protect, sustain and host a human being.

God wants us to be inhabited by His presence. He wants every area of our life to be in complete control of His presence . He wants His persona to abide and live in us, live among us and live inside of us.

You are meant to be inhabited by God not by wild demons, to be inhabited by the Holy Spirit not by wild spirits, to be inhabited by Jesus not by wild goats and serpents.

When you are not inhabited by God and not filled in the presence of God then automatically all these wild things will come and take over your life.

So invite the presence of Jesus into your life today. He will come and help you clean your heart out. He will come and help you to overcome and get rid of all sinful attitude and nature in your heart and body. He will come and turn it around for your good.


“Lord Jesus, I want You to come into my heart right now . I know that my heart is filled with wild creatures, all wrong things but I want to invite you to come and clean my heart today and make me like a new baby and set me on the fire of the Holy Spirit. Help me to live for You, be an offering to You, to be a living sacrifice to You, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

God bless you!

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