Be Free From Captivity

Jun 20, 2018 | Evangelism

Isaiah 48:20
Yet even now, be free from your captivity! Leave Babylon and the Babylonians. Sing out this message! Shout it to the ends of the earth! The Lord has redeemed His servants, the people of Israel.

Series: The Book of Isaiah

If you feel that you are stuck in life right now, trust God because has a better plan for you, the more easier way out for us is that we just need to go God morning after morning, week after week and every season of our lives, we will experience the freedom in our heart, lives and spirit.

God is asking us for a particular message to be sung throughout the earth.

The biggest message of the Bible is that we have our way out of captivity such as our own thinking, addictions, relationships, money etc. which can be things that will displease God. And these things are sinful in nature which God will look down. But the good news is that we can be free from captivity from our various bondages.

God is asking us to leave the things, people, place, relationships or circumstances which influences us to go in a wrong way.

We have the capacity to live beyond, more better, free and beautiful right now by going to Jesus. Because Jesus is the way, the life and the truth. He is the son of God who sets us free from slavery and captivity.

God is saying that He has redeemed us. If we welcome Jesus in our hearts we would be redeemed by our old lifestyle and would become completely a new person. Not only we will become free but we will also be the channel for freedom for many more people.

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