Believe & Declare

Mar 22, 2019 | Evangelism

Believe & Declare

Mar 22, 2019 | Evangelism

Romans 10:10 NLT
For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.

This podcast is a repost, originalyy published on February 13, 2017.

In Romans 10: 10, Scripture says that you  believe in your heart and you have to openly declare it with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord over your life and God has raised Him from dead.

There are two elements for salvation one is that you are believing in your heart and second is that your declare openly for people to see and experience and believe  and to testify it.

Both of it is necessary, any actions which is not on the foundation of the good faith is dead and any faith that does not consecutively lead into action is also dead so which means just your belief is not enough but you should start declaring your faith and that is what makes sure that you are saved.

when there is transformation in your heart then automatically everything begins to reflect in your life, in your work, in your voice, the way you treat people around you everything changes as soon as your heart changes.

This change is because in your heart you have given Jesus the position of the Lord. When you give Jesus the position of Lord you are de- throning all other lords in your life, you are eliminating those people even yourself that has been ruling your life, and you put your faith, your trust and your entire dependency on the name and the person of Jesus.

when you do that the bible says “Blood washes our sins away” and there on you are a new person.

One of the most under looked way of declaring faith today is Baptism in the church. Today’s church takes baptism as very easy.

In bible it clearly says that the apostles preached it like “Repent your sins believe in Jesus and baptize and then you will receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit” .

Today we all talk about only believing in Jesus we don’t talk about repentance of sins or water baptism but every single thing are important.

Do you believe in Jesus? Have you come to a place of a complete faith in Jesus? then go ahead and get water baptized declare your faith openly before the church and be a part of fellowship.

Go and get rooted yourself into that system that will bring so much of life and breath of God’s presence into your life. Church is the body of the Christ, anybody who wants to be attached to Jesus Christ need to be attached to his body.

So it’s not just enough that you are baptized and witnessing about Jesus. It is necessary that you be part of a church, it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved. something that you have to remember always is for the foundation to all of this is your belief  so never stop believing.

Have a great and blessed day ahead !

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