Betrayed the Honor

Mar 22, 2018 | Evangelism

Hosea 5:7

They have betrayed the honor of the Lord, bearing children that are not his. Now their false religion will devour them along with their wealth.

Series: Israel the Prostitute

We have been reading how God is heart broken with Israel.

House 5:7 says, They have betrayed the honor of the Lord, bearing children that are not His. Now their false religion will devour them along with their wealth.

They have betrayed the honor of the Lord

The first complaint that God has against Israel is that they had betrayed His honour by prostituting themselves.

God is asking you to come back, and He will teach you how to truly honour His name and be a child of God.

..bearing children that are not His.

The second complaint that God has is that the Israelites are bearing children which are not His. This is the problem of majority of the church today , we are giving birth to “Ishmaels”, the promises that are not from God.

God had promised a son for Abraham and Sarah, but Abraham in his own plan brought forth Ismael from Hagar.

God says this is how you betray Him – by cheating your way into it. The people had love for God but God says that it was the false religion and this same false religion will be the one that will devour them.

Revelation 17&18 talks about the great Babylon who had the fake religion and great merchants who made a lot of money through church.

This is the problem with many churches today where there is a lot of fake religion and who are making money out of their relationship with God, by the spiritual gifts that God has given to them.

When you say that you will not receive a blessing unless you give this money, then you are contradicting God’s word because God’s word says freely freely you receive, freely freely you give.

Can your giving have a direct result on your finances? Yes, absolutely, however that is not the basis  of God’s blessing in your life but it is what Jesus did for you on the cross. And we reap the benefit of that now and for all eternity.

I pray that God will convict us that we will not betray the honour, that we will not bear children that are not carrying the name of Jesus, that we will not have a fake religion and not become a money making business inside the church that Jesus had to turn the tables upside down when He came to the temple. I pray that our lives will be different and only way we will be different is when we trust in God, and trust the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts from the inside out and only this will last long.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says – behold he that is in Christ is a new person, everything has become new, all the old things have gone.

If you put your trust in God, you will experience newness of life and will be able to honour God all your life.


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