Buried to Disconnect

Dec 23, 2019 | Evangelism

Buried to Disconnect

Dec 23, 2019 | Evangelism

Romans 6:3 NLT
Or have you forgotten that when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death?

This podcast is a repost, was originally published on July 11, 2017.

Series: Significance of Water Baptism

  • Many times we get baptised before we know what is all about, because the Bible doesn’t encourage waiting.
  • The Bible tells us to believe in Jesus and be baptised.
  • Most of the times we don’t know why we are baptised and what is the complete spiritual significance of it. Hence, we are not able to share this with other people.
  • The Bible says in Hebrews 6 ‘the doctrine of baptisms is one of the foundational doctrines’ in the New Testament Church.
  • We see the same in Acts 2 and throughout the New Testament we keep seeing the importance of baptism.
  • Let us study the scriptures as to ‘What is the heart of God behind us getting baptised?’ , ‘What is the desire of God?’, ‘Why does God wants us to get baptised?’, ‘Why does God want people to be baptised?’
  • Romans 6 speaks about our disconnect with our old life, and it says that it is got something to do with baptism.
  • How can we continue in sin if we have been disconnected from our past ?
  • Through baptism we bury the old man who is dead and receive Jesus Christ in our lives.
  • This is an act of complete disconnect with our past.

Question: Why do we bury a person?
Answer : When we are dead our connection with that person is disconnected. It is not to say that we don’t remember that person anymore but after this point we are not obligated.

  • In a baptism service we do not mourn, we celebrate because we are disconnected from the old life, and it is Jesus’ grace, kindness and love that made sure that we are disconnected from old life.
  • When we get baptised in faith, our hope is that our old lifestyle will not come back again.
  • So many times, when we are dead we refuse to bury the old self, we refuse to put it to bed, we refuse to disconnect with it completely by getting baptised.
  • Our life in Christ is supposed to create an aroma, fragrance of Jesus Christ but instead of that it still carries an odour of our past life.
  • Baptism is the symbol of our disconnect from our past, complete surrender and disconnect from our past.
  • Kids’ cannot disconnect with their past because they do not have history to disconnect from, they don’t have a history of rebellion and living without God to disconnect from but we have history to disconnect from.

We hope that this message would be taken seriously and if anybody has not been baptised that they go ahead and get baptised even before the next weekend. And if you’re already baptised, we pray that God will convict you to teach this to other people in our pursuit of seeing people completely transformed.

It is not enough that we believe in Jesus but it is necessary that we get Baptised!

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