Coming to Judge

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Evangelism

…before the LORD, for He is coming! He is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world with justice, and the nations with His truth. – Psalm 96:13


This podcast is a repost, originally posted on Dec 8, 2017

This week we have been studying Psalm 96 that expresses God’s desire for us to be vocal and expressive about our love for Him.

God loves it when we begin to share His deeds and be expressive about Him. Let’s study the last verse of the Psalm today.

The verse talks about God warning or declaring His coming to the people.

Many times we have down-sized the Gospel by telling people Jesus loves them. But, there is a greater truth beyond the love, that is, His coming.

The Bible says that He is coming to judge the earth and every living being. The basis of His judgement would not be just ‘truth’ but ‘His Truth’.

We become seeker-friendly in approach while telling our friends about God, making the Gospel lenient.

The truth of the Gospel can be illustrated in this manner:

When a doctor asks us to take a medicine, we may or may not take it. But when the doctor tells you that if you don’t take the medicine you might lose your vision, leg, or life, if the medicine is not taken, the consequences would be justified. The doctor would’ve not done right if he withheld information regarding the medicine and the consequences of not taking it. Infact we would take the doctor to court stating he did not give us complete information.

In the same manner, God is a righteous Judge. May God give us the grace to not just preach salvation, but the complete Gospel.

God bless you and make you a transformative vessel to tell someone how much He loves them and how much He is waiting to come back to be with them.

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