Declare the Whole Plan

Feb 13, 2019 | Evangelism

Declare the Whole Plan

Feb 13, 2019 | Evangelism

Acts 20:27 HCSB
“For I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole plan of God.”

The greatest privilege that we have on this earth is to be able to represent God. God is giving us the privilege to be His image bearers on the earth and that is such a big task.

Apostle Paul was so passionate about preaching the Gospel.

Apostle Paul is actually speaking this verse (Acts 20:27) to a church that he had planted, and he says that he did not shrink back from declaring and teaching the whole plan of God and from being the voice of God.

Sometimes we are comfortable just telling people that Jesus loves you. Sometimes that is all that they need and yet we have to be willing to go an extra mile and especially to those people to whom we have a continual access. For them to know the whole plan of God, we need to know it ourselves and we need to take efforts to receive from God and then go and release the whole plan of God to the people that God has placed around our lives.

May we have the confidence to declare the completeness of God, the whole counsel of God, and the whole plan of God. May that be the testimony that we say about ourselves today.

If we can make it a point to go and tell that one word that God is releasing into our hearts to somebody, then we are becoming better at representing God on this earth, becoming better ambassadors of Jesus Christ that we are able be in the place where Apostle Paul was, where he says “I am not ashamed of the Gospel.”

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