One Sword v/s Many Swords

May 28, 2018 | Evangelism

Isaiah 31:8
The Assyrians will be destroyed, but not by the swords of men. The sword of God will strike them, and they will panic and flee. The strong young Assyrians will be taken away as captives.

Series: The Book of Isaiah

This is the time of how the Assyrians had invaded Judah and had a plan to completely destroy Judah. But God said to Isaiah that He would destroy Assyria.

Assyria was a powerful nation but Judah was one tiny place and there was nothing that stood in favour of Judah other than the fact that God was with them.

So often we believe that our struggles will be gone and our past will be wiped out but yet we try to do it on our own strength to get to that point of victory. But if you see in the verse it says – “the Assyrians will be destroyed but not by the sword of men..”

God is saying that you cannot win your battles by your own strength.

Your strength may be your accomplishments in your life that you can boast about (which the verse refers to as “swords”), but God says that He has just one sword that will take care of everything.

The sword of God in bible is referred to the word of God. (Eph 6, Hebrews 4..)

This sword of God – that one word of promise, that one word of God, that one rhema word, is coming to you to set you free from your enemies.

As the word of God is released into your life, all the demonic forces that is working against you to bring you down will be taken captive.

Begin your day with that confidence that you are not subjected to anybody’s approval or help other than God.

If God is for you than who can be against you.

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