Restoration of Joy

May 7, 2018 | Evangelism

Isaiah 16:10 NLT
“Gone now is the gladness, gone the joy of harvest. There will be no singing in the vineyards, no more happy shouts, no treading of grapes in the winepresses. I have ended all their harvest joys.”

Series: The Book of Isaiah

In Isaiah 16:10, God is speaking about bringing judgement on Moab. God is saying that He is going to bring scarcity in the land and make sure there is no harvest. As a natural consequence of having no harvest, there will be no joy in the land. And this is the result of them being away from God.

There may be many different situations that we might lose joy in our lives, but God is saying to return to Him if this is your situation. Because He alone knows how to restore things in your life.

Be dependent on God like how little children are dependent on their parents.

The source of your joy is not in your job, provisions or friends, but the joy that you experience in the inside it has to always come from the Lord.

Every time you put your joy on people or make circumstances the reason for your joy, you will fail miserably.

When you depend on God completely, it will only help you cultivate a deep communion with God.

Jesus said – “I have written these things to you so that your joy may be full.”

When you read the word of God and hear His voice and experience a deep communion, the satisfaction that you will experience will be like no other. So often the devils tricks you in telling you, that you don’t need God. But God is the only person you need.

If you make Jesus the Lord and Saviour of your life, it will change the direction of your life. God will restore gladness, joy, singing, happy shouting and your harvest.


Dear Jesus we pray for every single person that is asking for a touch, that is asking to come back alive, to receive Jesus in to their hearts, that you will bring the life of Your Spirit and put it into their spirit and every joylessness, depression and anxiety be replaced with divine joy, happiness, voice, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. And when You are in our lives, joy is inevitable and we thank You for that and we love You, in Jesus name we pray. Amen!

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