See and Believe

Dec 4, 2019 | Evangelism

See and Believe

Dec 4, 2019 | Evangelism

Mark 15:32 HCSB
“Let the Messiah, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross, so that we may see and believe.” Even those who were crucified with Him were taunting Him.”

We should not miss out on anything that God has planned for us in this season only because of our unbelief or unwillingness to receive from God. Our readiness to receive what God is doing in our life has to be at it’s peak in every season of our life. There may be season where we have unpleasant circumstances in our life and we may be tempted to go against our beliefs and our natural ordinary circumstances. But our readiness to submit in every circumstances to the Lord deeply and personally in those seasons will take us to a great distances.

In Mark 15:32 Jesus was surrounded by people who were taunting and mocking at Him.
Isn’t this so sad, that Jesus is already going through such physical suffering and pain in His body, spirit and mind, but adding to that people started mocking and making fun of Him.

They were basically saying only if He comes down from the cross, they would believe Him.

This is how so many of us respond to God, when we don’t have a relationship with God. We want God to do something exquisite for us, so we can see and believe it.

What is the reason for our unbelief today? Why are we keeping ourselves from putting our trust in Jesus? What is it that is hindering our willingness to live our entire life for the glory of Jesus?
Is it the fact that we can’t see what we are believing or it doesn’t logically make sense to believe that somebody else can die for our sin? Is that the reason why we are unwilling to submit our life to Jesus?
When we come to God, there is one thing very necessary to experience a personal relationship with Him, and that is Faith.

Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God and have a relationship with Him.
If we want to see Him do something special in our life, it is necessary we move Him by our faith.

There were 2 thieves that we crucified beside Jesus. One was taunting Him. Other one, although his natural circumstances didn’t align with his belief system, in his spirit, he decided to believe and choose to move God with his faith. As a thief, to get hung on the cross, he definitely didn’t acknowledge God in his life, he was not really living for God, but at this point of time he thought he didn’t see any results out of anything in his life and he was going to die, he decided to move by faith. He asked Jesus if He would remember him in His kingdom. Jesus immediately responded to his faith by welcoming him into His presence.

This is the kind of faith that we should respond with. We cannot tell the Lord to do something for us and then decide to will follow Him.

Several times, God may in His grace, give us miracles, show us wonderful things, give us revelations that are power packed and cause us to fall in love with Him. But to demand a sign or miracle exclusively so that we can believe in Him, may not be the best way to express to Him.

Jesus spoke to Thomas when he was insisting that he needs to see and then touch to believe that Jesus has risen from the dead. Jesus was glad that he believed finally by seeing and touching, but He said blessed are the ones that don’t even see but believe.

Whatever season we are in, may we believe even though we have not seen or experienced everything
. For when we move in faith, God will move in our lives.

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