Give Me Discernment

Jan 11, 2018 | Podcast, Prayer

Psalms 119:125

“Give discernment to me, your servant; then I will understand Your laws.”

Series: A Different Prayer

This week we have been learning and studying different kind of prayers we can pray for our year ahead. Let’s take a look at the prayer from the scripture for today which will bless and encourage us.

The word of God teaches us to pray for discernment.

Question: What is discernment?
Answer: Discernment is knowing the good from the evil and knowing the heart of God which helps us understand His Word.

The church lacks discernment when we become naive and accept everything coming our way. The Holy Spirit gives us discernment to avoid falling into traps, as we give into things without discerning. Let’s be people who would pray for discernment in every area of our lives knowing the Lord’s heartbeat.

The enemy’s packages lies without our knowledge, but when we carry discernment we understand the it’s motives. In the same manner, if we encounter people who look harsh on the outside, when we carry discernment, we get to know their heart.

Many relationships are destroyed due to lack of discernment.

Jesus had discerned that Judas would betray Him inspite of the fact that he was entrusted with the money. Jesus had a perspective in Judas’ life and calling, and trusted him inspite of discerning the fact that he would betray him. That is the true principle of honour!

Honour is not about ignoring others’ faults. Discerning the fact that you’d be betrayed, and still honouring a person, believing God will change the individual’s life, is true discernment.

Discernment helps us understand the scriptures, differentiate between friends and enemies, and have a clear perspective about the spiritual atmosphere.

Let’s pray this year for discernment and experience God’s goodness!

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