Secret Generosity

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Giving

But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. – Matthew 6:3 NLT


Greetings in Jesus name! May you experience His abundant favor and blessing this year, may you be taken deeper and be enriched in strength and greatness as He takes you from glory to glory.

Matthew 6 verse 3 says; when you give to those in need let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Jesus has given us this principle that we need to encrypt generosity to be a part and parcel of our lives. It ought to be practiced as natural as how God gives to us so freely because of His love for us. Therefore let us intentionally be willing and open to transform our heart to a heart of giving and generosity.

There is no measure in how much God gives to us and therefore there can never come a time where we can say or talk about or even boast about how much we give to the Lord for it will always fall short, it will never measure up. Yet we have a God who takes note of how much we do give as seen in scripture of the widow who gave all she had, and the lady who broke the alabaster jar at the feet of Jesus. They were spoken about and their acts were recorded because of their heart of giving and their sacrificial acts of generosity.

Let us be mindful of the people around us especially all those who are placed in our lives along our journey, to make it a point to give to the ones in need and to be able to be intentional with generosity. We do not give money to the Lord because He is in need, we give because He is worthy of our gifts, generosity and love and our expression of cheerful giving.

And usually when we give to the Lord we hide it, it becomes very easy to follow the principle where our left hand need not know what the right hand is doing, however we ought to practice that with the ones in need, to be mindful to give without needing to brag or talk about it or make it loudly known.

In scripture we see that it is not largely mentioned about giving to people in need, this is because it is a scriptural principle that when giving to those in need it shouldn’t be boasted about or made loudly known. And therefore we need to be diligent in this.

When we talk about the things we do or our giving to those in need, we lose the reward that is kept for us when we make it known of our acts. We do not realise that we have a greater reward from above in the silence of our acts of giving and most times succumb to the praise and honour we get in telling the people about the acts we have done or our giving to those in need.

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Jesus said when we do this in secret, there is a Father in heaven who watches what you do in secret, who watches how you hide your generosity and how you do not make a big deal out of it, He will reward and honour us for our generosity openly in front of all the people.

As disciples of Christ, this has to be our character, this is what sets us apart from those in the world. Let us be mindful not to be boastful and take a decision today to live this out this new year, to give without a desire or an expectation for any returns, be it tangible or even just validation.

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