Satisfaction & Contentment

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Godliness

“Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the appetite: this also is vanity and a striving after wind”. – Ecclesiastes 6:9

The Lord is doing beautiful things in this season and we must appreciate and acknowledge every single thing He is doing for us and revealing to us.

Paul has said “Godliness with contentment is great gain.

The writer of Ecclesiastes chapter 6 explains to us. He says, there are people who live long years, people with all the money, even if there are people who live for 1000 years, if they do not have contentment or satisfaction, that person will be stuck in life, no growth, full sorrow.

God wants us to understand this fact and grow in the ability to be satisfied with what we have.

The above verse means to it is better to enjoy and relish what we see than constantly keeping on praying for the things we desire for.

The desires of our hearts, left untamed, can go wild. It can go into places where we were not meant to be in, places which were not given to us or assigned to us, and in that light lies the ability to sin.

When we start to desire people or things or organisations that were not meant for us, we start to pray, claim and stand in the gap to pray and fight for it, automatically it will open doors for those things to come to us. When we have those doors and we enter in, that is where we would end up sinning. This is why we need to guard the desires of our hearts.

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In the pursuit of things we don’t have, we begin to undervalue the things we already have and become discontent with what we have.

This is not to mean that we are to be content with whatever sicknesses that we have, or struggles in our lives or any form of lack, but at the same time we cannot be dissatisfied about things God has blessed us with.

If the Lord has made a promise over your life, that’s definitely something we must pursue and desire, but let that be in God’s timing, in His plan, in His boundaries for us. Especially if you’re a married man wondering, why isn’t my spouse like someone else’s, why isn’t my child academically best as the others are, then this man will live an unsatisfied life. But these are the children and wives that God has ordained in his or her life.

So the Bible says ‘Enjoy what we have, rather than desiring for what we don’t have.’

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