Good Leadership

Jan 3, 2018 | General, Podcast

Proverbs 21:1,2 MSG

Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; he directs it to whatever ends he chooses. We justify our actions by appearances; God examines our motives.

The scripture portion for today talks about ‘leadership’.

A leader holds an influential position in peoples lives, be it in the house, church or workplace.

Each one of us are born as leaders. Genesis 1 explains about ‘dominion’ God gave man.

Good leadership can be explained as follows:

Good leadership is flexible, like a channel of water controlled by God. As a leader, we need to be intenional about being flexible, obedient and being submissive to God.

The second part explains about how we justify our actions by appearance, how it looks on the outside.

As a leader our motives need to be right as the Bible explains, God judges our motives.

Our motives speak for us when we stand before God.

If we have heavenly motives, motives that are surrounded by God, God would be honoured by such actions as a leader.

God bless you! Be a great leader!

This podcast was originally published on Dec 8, 2015.

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