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But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. – James 4:6 KJV


Good morning and greetings my dear friends!

Welcome to this amazing new day with Jesus! He is the one who is constantly working to fill us with heavenly wisdom, grace, and strength. He does not want us to live our life here on earth on our own ability, intellect, and strength. When we depend on God, he is just not going to fill us with the understanding and the right perspective, he will also give us a practical tools, ability and resources to be able to live for him and consequently reach our fullest potential in Christ.

James 4:6 – “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”

There is a particular way in which God gives grace, and the bible says he gives more grace. Whatever grace that you have today or in this last season, the Lord is about to add to it. He is about to give more grace, ability, and strength. God does not want you to stay in the same level for two consecutive days. He does not want you eat the same food, the same spiritual nourishment all through your life. Instead, he wants to keep on adding more and more that there has to be perpetual increase in your life. The Lord is constantly working to make that happen, and he is divinely arranging to introduce you to the right people to make sure that you are in the correct environment where there can be an increase and growth in your life so that you do not remain stagnant all through your life. That is why you are going to meet people who are more wealthy than you, who have better marriages than you, who pray more than you, who are even more anointed than you. The reason is not so that you can become jealous or begin to look down on yourself. It is so that you can be exposed to the possibility of receiving more grace.

There are two responses we can have when we see somebody who is more talented and more able than us. The first is the negative approach where we begin to become jealous or we begin to manifest our inferiority and we just feel very bad about ourselves and just begin to manifest all the envy that was hidden inside of us. The second is for us to humble ourselves and ask the Lord how can I learn from this man of God, how can I learn from this businessman or businesswoman, how can I sit with this lady and understand how to be a correct or a godly mother, how can I sit with this man and learn to play instruments differently, what can I learn about prayer from this dear young man. If we can just humble ourselves instead of allowing our pride to manifest. Because James 4:6 says “he giveth more grace, wherefore the scripture sayeth”. God is constantly resisting the proud, and yet, when he finds somebody who is willing to humble himself God will now give him extra grace, more grace, more than enough grace; the grace, the anointing, the wisdom, the strength, and the ability will come to the person who is humble, who is willing to just let go of themselves, let go of their comforts, egos, self esteem, self respect and they are willing to just humble before God.

On the flip side, when we act out of envy or jealousy or when we enter into this self pity or inferiority complex mode, all of a sudden we are manifesting our self, we are just revolving around who we are. Instead of circulating our life around God, we begin to oscillate around “oh, I am not good enough, or I should have been there, I should have got this promotion, I should have got this gift”. No, that is a kind of thinking or conversation which is extremely selfish and selfishness is a result of pride. It could be a pride that is resulting in self pity or arrogance; both are pride. The bible says, God resisted the proud, he resisted the one who is revolving his whole life around himself. God resisted a man and a woman, an elder or a young person who is all about themselves. One of the best ways to grow in humility is to ask the Lord to help you see the purpose and the plan of God for your life.

Every time you have a glimpse of what God is doing, what God has done, what God is about to do, it is going to become easier and easier for you to just humble yourself and surrender to his plan for your life. And his plans for your life are not going to make you proud, it is going to make you grateful, it is going to make you filled with grace and humility and kindness and divine wisdom. So, it does not matter what all you have accomplished in life, we all need more grace from God, more help and more strength from the :Lord, and the Lord gives it specifically to the humble, receptive people, to the ones that are not making their life all about themselves.

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