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He Helps & Lifts

May 15, 2017 | Podcast, Worship

Psalm 145:14

The Lord helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads.

Series: Psalm 145 – Reason to Worship

  • One thing that stops us from growing in him is when we become satisfied.When we think we don’t need God anymore.
  • We need more and more of God every single day.
  • He is the one who help us.He is the one who lifts us up.
  • One thing that stops us from worshipping God is when we feel God is not moving in our lives.
  • Irrespective of our circumstances God wants to help us.God wants to give reasons for our dance, lift us, bless us, reason for worship, reason for celebration.
  • He is not looking for perfect people.He helps the fallen.
  • His grace is sufficient for us in our weakness.
  • When we begin to praise him , when we begin to worship him for already having helped us ,even when we are still fallen even when we are still discouraged,thank him, for we help invoke the presence of God.
  • Worship not only when we are happy but also when we are low.

May God bless you and give you a reason to worship Him!

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