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“I have sinned,” he declared, “for I have betrayed an innocent man.” “What do we care?” they retorted. “That’s your problem.” – Matthew 27:4 NLT


Welcome to another day with Jesus!

Be reminded that God is in control and He loves you and wants the best for you. In certain situations where we tend to make mistakes because of people but they will not take responsibility for it. They can never support us through the damage that has been impacted on us as they do not have the ability to men our hearts. People cannot heal us from our hurt even if they are the closest ones to us. That healing always has to come from God.

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In the Scriptures, while talking about Judas in Matthew 27:4, Judas speaks to the men who helped him betray Jesus telling that he has sinned by betraying innocent blood. The men replied, what do we care? That’s your problem and you will have to face it.

When Jesus was arrested, Judas comes with a huge army with weapons and swords and knives to betray Jesus. These men would have had conversations about betraying Jesus to Judas. They must have planned several times on how things should work out once they reach the garden. The Bible says, when the act was completed, Judas was being guilty and was in a big mess. He thought that these men who supported him throughout and stayed along as he betrayed would also have a way to help him with his hurt. As in the end, they failed and did not care about him.

We need to understand that Jesus was set to die at that moment. He thought that going to these men again might help him by confessing his guilt and say his heart out about changing his life thinking that they might have mercy on him and help him. The problem was all that he went to the wrong people who were influential in helping him make a wrong choice but not to set things right. We couldn’t help him get the forgiveness or restore the relationship he had with Jesus once upon a time.

People will fail to be there and heal us, we need to submit and let God heal our wounds.

Let us open our hearts and submit and be vulnerable to Jesus to receive the healing from Him.

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