Hire Chariots & Horses

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Identity

After this, Absalom bought a chariot and horses, and he hired fifty bodyguards to run ahead of him. – 2 Samuel 15:1 NLT

So often we lay out expectations to perform and achieve a particular standard that is of God and we fail to understand that He has blessed us and given us a role and identity that accounts to much more.

We strive to achieve in the flesh, struggling but never reaching the portion that the Lord has in store for our lives.

Absalom was a prince; a son of David and was a powerful leader but he had a discord with his father and rebelled against him. His desire for vengeance against his father led him to act carelessly and in his own accord. His trust in his role and identity as a prince given by his father was clouded by his dislike toward him and hence he started to act as he wanted and was not submissive to his father’s leadership doing things that was to prove he wasn’t anything like his father.

Let us be cautious not to become like Absalom having to prove ourselves to be good and righteous in the eyes of others chasing false praise and approval. Let us be mindful to submit to the authoritative figures and acknowledge the people that God has placed in our lives to receive the blessing and portion He has kept for each of us like Solomon who was submissive and aligned to his father and received in full with no struggle all things that was kept for him.

We are showered with God’s grace to have the people in charge of us for guidance, comfort and provision. Let us not be led by our feelings or disagreement to God and our earthly authorities for this will only lead to destruction. There is a difference when we let God fight to bless us from what we can do on our own to receive blessing.

May you realise that all you have and all you will have in the future comes with the position and role we have being the Son and Daughter of Christ. Let us acknowledge that whatever we receive is not of our own works but what we receive in the identity as a child of a heavenly King. So let us be mindful to grow in understanding, stature, maturity and wisdom to function in our identity in Jesus Christ.

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