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by | Jan 14, 2021 | Identity

She named him Zebulun, for she said, “God has given me a good reward. Now my husband will treat me with respect, for I have given him six sons.” – Genesis 30:20 NLT


Greetings in Jesus name! Let us be in an attitude to allow the Lord to do something special in our lives. May this be a desire in our hearts as we wake each morning to be eager to see and envision what the Lord will plant in our lives.

As believers we need to consciously stay away from allowing other people to govern our thoughts and behaviours. To mindfully be aware to not put our trust in people or our sources. More often when we do this we seek for human validation and miss out on what we ought to receive from the Lord and we lose out because we do not trust or rely on the Lord.

Its a blessing to have loved ones like family and loved ones be encouraging and supportive, however if you make that as our primary source of joy and happiness or a primary source of blessing, it can become a dangerous thing because man is not consistent and the same ones who bless you and cover you this season can change or alter and be against you in the next season.

It is so necessary that we build our relationships and acquaintances consulting the Lord and seeking His way in building these relationships.

In Genesis, we see the story of Jacob and Leah and how she sought to gain his respect, attention, love and affection. She wanted to feel worthy of herself by bearing him children thinking she would gain these things in return. Yet after pleasing him and doing everything she could, she remained unloved, ignored and unfavoured among the two.

We often make the same mistakes, we think by going an extra mile or give more money or do something more than we ought to, or have more talents, we could receive more from God or gain human validation. But these are worldly things in God’s eyes, He does not want us to be dependent on how people treat us. He does not want our fruitfulness, desire to based out of how people view us.

We need to tune ourselves to view ourselves the way God sees us. We need to remember that we are created in His image. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you are not good enough, or that you need to do extra things or disobey or be like the world in order to fit in or be approved off.

Let us pray to always be aligned and trust in the identity we have in Christ, to be able to rest in that identity and in that personal relationship with our Father God. The more we trust in that, the more we will produce fruit, the more we will multiply and fill the earth. Let us mindfully make that shift to stop impressing people and expecting gratitude. Let us focus on how heaven celebrates each one of us as a child of the Most High. Just as Jesus came to earth to do what His Father send Him to do, God was pleased with Him. We need to recognise heaven’s validation toward us.

May your life never be the same again. May this season be the one where you grow and understand what the Lord has orchestrated for you in your life as you rest in His identity and heaven’s validation.

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