Not For My Benefit

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Identity

Then Jesus told them, “The voice was for your benefit, not mine. – John 12:30 NLT

Welcome to this brand new day that the Lord has given us! Even as we begin this day, can we earnestly come with an expectation that God will reveal Himself to us and we will upgrade in our love and understanding of God.

Now if you read the context of John 12, you will see that there was a loud voice that spoke and testified about Jesus, how favoured He was and who He was to the Father and yet Jesus tells the crowd there that “ it’s for their benefit and not His”!

Jesus did not need a voice to tell Him who He is or where He has to go or how much the Father loved Him because He knew it within Himself.

Jesus did not need another miracle, another breakthrough, another sermon or another person raising from the dead to know who He was.

Jesus says that all the things that He does and the things that God does for Him is not for His benefit but for our benefit and likewise when we are blessed in our relationships, finances or in any other area of our life it is not for us but for others who do not have faith, who do not know their identity and for those who have not experienced God.

Never should we make breakthroughs all about us! Does your understanding of God’s immense love for you come from your breakthroughs? No, absolutely not! Your understanding of God’s love comes from the love that was shown on the Cross.

Refuse to put your identity in your success and failures, or in your profession or ministry or in the person who you love and cherish the most.

Your identity comes from what Jesus did on the cross for you!

I pray that this season you will know your identity in Christ and walk in it!

God loves you!

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