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by | May 25, 2022 | Inheritance

These are the names of the men who shall divide the land to you for inheritance: Eleazar the priest and Joshua the son of Nun. – Numbers 34:17 (ESV)


Good Morning and Greetings in Jesus’ name.

I pray that today we will continue to experience the favour, the goodness and the presence of God. There is never a day when God doesn’t wants to reveal himself to his children. There is never a moment that we pray and cry out to Him and He refuses us. He is a God who is merciful and gracious. He is a God who is generous.

Let’s read Numbers 34: 1 – “These are the names of the men which shall divide the land unto you as an inheritance : Eleazar the priest, and Joshua the son of Nun.”

It goes on to list out the leaders that will be responsible to divide the land as an inheritance among the people of Israel. We should remember that God had promised to Abraham that as far as his vision will expand, that land will now belong to him. God gave it to him and his descendants as a inheritance, as a possession. Something that can be enjoyed for generation after generation.

The same promise was repeated to Isaac, and then Jacob and then God spoke to Moses and said that He is going to take him back into the land of Canaan and everywhere the sole of his feet will dread upon He will give it him. It actually got manifested through Joshua; he was the leader and in charge of the nation when the nation entered and possessed the land of Canaan. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they lived as a foreigners. They never possessed the land even though they saw it, even though they believed it and received the promise, they could never possessed it.

Finally, in the days of Joshua because of all these fathers that have laboured and have worked so hard, Joshua’s generation was about to inherit these land that God has promised them.

It’s very easy for the Joshua’s of our time look into the blessing, the favour and provision that we are experiencing and we can think that we did it all by ourselves. What we don’t understand or acknowledge is that there have been generations of men of God and Fathers who had actually invested and sowed so that we can harvest a revival, harvest the grace of God and experience the presence of God in our day and time.

If you read this scripture it says that Eleazar the priest, and Joshua the son of Nun they were the ones responsible for physically and practically dividing the land out and letting everybody in the nation have a place to stay and have a place to cultivate, a place to grow and multiply and prosper.

However, there was a Moses and an Aaron that preceded them. There was Joseph and his brothers that preceded them. There was Isaac and Jacob that preceded them. There were Abraham and Sarah who preceded Isaac and it is very necessary for us to remember that we are where we are because of men of God who had gone ahead of us.

Now practically looking at the problem these men of God may not have experienced the blessings that we experience today. Some of them may not have the same revelations that we have. They may not have the same victories or breakthroughs that we have and yet it is because of the foundation that they laid and it is because of the faithfulness that they had; it is because they continued to believe the promises of God over their lives and they did not give up. And that is why we are where we are.

Now Joshua and Eleazar either they can take credit for all the things that God has allowed them to do or they can humble themselves and continue to allow the people of the nation to acknowledge the goodness of God that has been working for them generations after generations. This is in no way meaning to say that Joshua and Eleazar doesn’t have a serious role at hand; they will surely need to actively participate in distributing the promises of God that was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They were the ones who would physically ration out the land, they were the ones who would divide according to the tribes and family names. They were the ones who physically assigned who should have more and who should have less.

And now everybody in the nation they had come to Joshua and Eleazar and say today, right now, you are the man of God appointed to help me with this, so we are going to submit to you, we are going to receive from you. They didn’t say we are children of Abraham, we don’t need Joshua’s help. They didn’t say we come from a tribe of so and so which is not the same tribe that Joshua is from so we don’t need his help. They saw that Joshua and Eleazar were the once that were appointed over the nations and so everybody came and submitted themselves to Joshua and to Eleazar.

Example: Caleb who was a colleague of Joshua, friends with Joshua, they left Egypt together. Caleb’s pastor and leader was always Moses. But when Moses passed away and God ordained Joshua to be the leader of the nation he didn’t take that relationship for granted saying he is just a buddy, or he is just a friend. No, Caleb went and acknowledged that Joshua is now my leader.

So in Joshua chapter 14 we can see how Caleb goes to Joshua and says that if Joshua will give him this mountain he will take it down, he will conquer this place and he will establish the grace and glory of the kingdom of Israel in that land. He went to ask the permission from Joshua. That is how it works in the Kingdom.

We have to acknowledge that there have been fathers and forefathers that had went ahead of us. At the same time we need to submit to the present day leadership. Who are the one’s that God is using in our life, church or city, in our ministry right now? Today we acknowledge them and we will submit to them.

Prayer: Father we thank you for your presence this morning. Wherever your children are listening give them these two revelations and understanding to know where there Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have laboured and how they have laboured. Second, give them the understanding to see who is their present day Joshua and their present day Eleazar. We need both and Father we pray that we would have a revelation of the same. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

In the Kingdom of God, we need to acknowledge the Fathers who have went ahead of us and at the same time we need to submit to the present day leadership Click To Tweet

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