Come and See

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Intimacy

Come, see the glorious works of the LORD:
See how he brings destruction upon the world. – Psalms 46:8

Transcript: Jesus made this day. We do not live in a world that happened by chance. Every circumstance in our lives is orchestrated by Him. We have to be grateful that God is so interested and involved in our lives. We should go to Him and see everything that He wants to show us. Psalm 46:8 says, Come, see the glorious works of the Lord: See how He brings destruction upon the world. This is a song by one of the sons of Korra and he invites people to come and see something that the Lord is doing. Anyone who is interested, passionate and filled with the wisdom of God will not refuse or disregard this invitation. Jesus spoke about a banquet feast in the New Testament where the servants of the master went out and invited the people that the master valued but they all gave excuses and said they wouldn’t make it. We often respond the same way. The psalmist is not inviting us to an ordinary meal but to behold the glorious works of the Lord. Are you interested to say a yes to this invitation? The Lord is inviting you to come into the inner chambers and to keep your eyes open because He wants you to have a glimpse of what He is doing. In the above Psalm, God is stopping people from being at war with each other. The Lord wants you to be a participant in all the great things He is doing. When we expect something from God, in most cases our prayer requests are very self-obsessed and revolves around our needs. The Lord is inviting you to see the things that bother the heart of God, the things that He is passionate about and the battles that He is fighting for you. It is easy to go to God with the things that bother us. For example, it’s easy to pray about the crisis that is highlighted by the media. We should instead pray according to what God shows us. The media can be biased but God will give you access to things that happen behind the scenes. Don't give personal excuses for the invitation of God. Click To Tweet To the people who are passionate about prayer, the revival of the nations, change of governments, change of principalities or the change of moral-ethical ways of living, God says, ‘come and see the glorious works of the Lord’. This week as you pray, meditate, and spend time in the presence of the Lord, you will see things that no eyes have seen, hear things that no ears have heard, and understand and experience things that no one else has. My prayer is that you will not say no to this invitation because of some personal reasons. Since you are a child of God, everything that concerns Him should also concern you.

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