A Burden to See This Generation Impacted – Pst. Justin & Anisha Sabu

Pastor Justin and Anisha, the founders of Kings Revival Ministries are sharing their hearts and desire to see Jesus glorified and young people impacted by God’s love and heart for them.

This podcast is a repost, originally published on March 31, 2018.

Pastor Priji: Can you tell us something about yourself so we know where you’re from and what you do right now.

Pastor Justin: It’s our joy to be on your podcast here and get to know on a personal level. I think what we can do is, I will let the lady go for first.

Pastor Anisha: It’s our pleasure to be here with you Pastor Priji. We have a ministry called the Kings Revival Ministries. And we also get to pastor a pretty awesome Church in Dallas Texas. So we both are youth pastors in Dallas currently.

Pastor Priji: How did your personal relationship with God begin and where did it begin. It really helps to see where and how we began that adds a lot of depth to our journey.
There are many young people who are listening to us who would like to be in ministry and serve God.

Pastor Justin: My story begins in my home. My mom and my father both of them encouraged me in this call. I think I was in third grade when I first heard God call me out for ministry. And at that point I never knew anything about it. But thankfully my mom helped me to understand that I have been chosen and separated for this task. We grew up in one of the best churches in that time and even now in Bangalore and being part of the church every year there was revival during the fasting prayers. Every Sunday I would say was special and different. We longed to be in the church services and those were the moments where God was talking to me. I grew up within that church atmosphere. And God was talking to me from my ministry. My dad served in the Indian Army. He came back and he retired, so along with my dad I got to plant a church. I was probably I was very young at that time. So we planted this church and God started molding my life again.
I was in my 10th grade when the Lord had to again reconfirm His calling in my life because since I was in my 10th grade I thought that maybe I can do a secular job and do ministry alongside. But God had to completely shake me off and bring me back into His full time calling. And that’s why He called me out in a group of 7000 people. He called my name through a prophet and separated me and reconfirmed me for my calling. And that’s the year when I chose to go back to my bible school and do my studies into it and fully recommit myself to be in ministry and I would say that was a change in my life. 10th standard and after that 11 and 12, God started restructuring my life for ministry again.
But my early life I would say was well spent in our family and church prayers. I was never given an option to miss it. I’m thankful that parents always taught us to respect our family fellowships and church services. So I was in the church even if I didn’t like it. But those were the times of moments when God started speaking. And individually whenever I sought out God I could hear Him speak to me.
I wouldn’t say everything of His promises are unfolded in my life yet but so far God has led and whatever He has promised He has been doing it and He is consistent. My prayer is that I will be consistent to how consistent He is, so that we can be faithful together.

Pastor Priji to Pastor Anisha: How was your personal relationship with God

Pastor Anisha: As opposed to Pastor Justin, I did not grow up in a stereotypical Christian family. My parents were Catholic, so I moved to the U.S. along with my family when I was 14 and pretty much as soon as we landed in the US, God had all these people ordained in place because He’s called everybody. He has His eyes and His purpose on each person. I believe that He had that on us and He had given us that opportunity when we were in India.
But as soon as we went to the U.S. He had placed all these people and within a month we accepted the Lord. But it was a paradigm shift because we grew up reading the Bible, but when we said yes to Jesus there was a perspective change that happened. And there was this deep desire that came into each person in my family where we had the deep thirst to read the word of God. So everything that we did was pretty much on our own. The church there was small and we didn’t have too many people to guide us and hold our hand. So everything that we had to do in our relationship was just by ourselves. It was just reading the Word of God and just trying to understand what God means and what His love means and how everything just works together hand in hand.
Two years after we accepted the Lord I got called into full time ministry. And at that point I had no idea what that meant because I had not seen a woman in ministry. And my parents were really pessimistic about because coming from a Catholic background they were like are you going to become a nun? But I went to a Bible college in US and that just opened my parents understanding of ways to ministry and to serve God.

Pastor Priji: How was it for you to experience the power of God in a tangible way? How did it grow. What inspired you the most in your journey with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Justin: I think it was in the fifth or sixth grade during the fasting prayers in our church, we had this anointed man of God well respected among the malayali community from Kerala happened to minister this church and I don’t know what happened but God just inspired him and he walked across the crowded area and he came and he laid his hands on my head. That moment was like as if the entire building just fell on my head. It was kind of a weight that I felt the moment he touched me. And that’s the day I started speaking in tongues and experienced the infilling up of the Holy Spirit. Every month we had fasting prayer at church that was a time when God was pouring in.
My parents encouraged us to have personal devotions and these were times of personal encounters because you’re dealing with somebody who is so powerful and so great and so vast and so big.
Moving to Dallas Texas, every time I sit down to prepare a message, before I speak to the audience God speaks to me. When I look into my personal ministry, I see confirmations of all the promises of God through the scriptures just in my personal life.
As I spend time with prayer preparing for the sermons that I have to deliver on Sunday, I see how God is actually teaching me.

Pastor Priji to Pastor Anisha: How was it for you.

Pastor Anisha: So I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. About a year after I took my water baptism and that entire first year there were a lot of people including people in my family who were experiencing the actual physical evidence of the Holy Spirit. But except it wasn’t happening in my life and I questioned God and I cried al throughout the night. My mom would come check on me and my pillow is wet because I’m just crying to God saying God why aren’t you touching me and meeting with me but you’re meeting with all of these people.
I think the reason was because I was overthinking the actual encounter. But I was trying to over prepare myself and I had this preconceived idea what it needs to look like because of what I was seeing. But that’s not what God wants because God has something new for each person. And so my first encounter aside from my salvation experience, was speaking in tongues during a fasting prayer.

Pastor Priji: What is your vision for life and ministry?

Pastor Justin: Personally as we have come together, we had individuals ministry callings and as we minister together as a family right now one of the things that we are praying and looking forward to, is that God will enable us to minister to our generation.
And I believe that God has intentionally placed us for this generation so that we can address to this generation.
That becomes our vision that this is the generation that God wants to revive and this is a generation that I would like to see being revived for a greater work and I believe Jesus is coming back anytime soon, so there’s so much work to be done and unless I don’t awaken the force of this young generation, it’s very hard to reach that goal.

Pastor Priji: What are some of the dreams that you have that you want to see happen through your ministry.

Pastor Anisha: I think each of us we come into this ministry with our individual callings. When we came together, we have discussed this over and over again and we try to rewrite it because everyday we change and everyday God speaks in a different way. As we journey on our vision becomes more clearer, and makes more sense how the initial promise that God gave is becoming more effective.
For this season we have a huge burden for the youth of our nation especially as we serve as Pastors in Dallas, Texas because we are seeing a silent exodus happen in the U.S. We ministered in the UK last week and we heard the same thing happening there and in India as well. We’re seeing a generation that’s leaving the church and we are trying to tap into it and understand why is this happening because obviously that’s not God’s will.
They all have encountered God and have this huge passion to serve God that we are not utilizing them and we’re not giving them avenues where they can be used for God’s kingdom. Instead they are going out and seeking other places where they can be used. And so I think as leaders we have to be more intentional in using and empowering our generation for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Priji: I couldn’t agree more because the success of a church is to raise the next generation who can fill in the roles of the fathers and the leaders who can have the same unction, anointing and commitment.
For somebody who is listening to us right now and they have a desire to step out into ministry and they would like to serve the Lord but they have no idea about ministry and the challenges or the struggles. They have only seen the stage and the preaching and the sermons and all the good things of the ministry, all the traveling around the world and etc but they have not heard the challenges that comes along with ministry, what would your encouragement and advice be to them.

Pastor Justin: That’s kind of a danger for young people in ministry because we’ve seen the highlights so broadly visual that everybody just wants to be on the platform. But ministry I believe a lot of aspects is involved. Everyday life as we live is part of the ministry. You make hall to lead a church, plant a church or be on the stage leading worship or whatever it is that is part of a ministry. But even if it is shedding a smile to somebody else who needs that on that bad day, I believe that is living out the life Jesus has called you to be and that is ministry and that’s your calling. If you fulfil that I believe you are a successful minister of the Gospel and for a young generation my word is don’t just look out for the platform, seek out the Lord and the Lord will take you to where you need to be. It could be the wilderness but the wilderness would be your platform if the Lord is leading you and no matter where He leads He provides.

Pastor Anisha: I think my advice to anybody who wants to seek to work for the Kingdom of God is that a lot of people are deceived themselves in saying I’m not capable of this and that, I’m a woman, I’m so young etc. and so I think when the negativism is from within you it’s hard but if its from outside you can shush that, but if it’s coming from within you, then you have to convince yourself that if this is from God. If God has called and anointed you then that anointed cannot be hidden, so go for it boldly for He is going to prepare the way. We are in the end times and we don’t have the time to say only the older people can do.

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