How to Overcome Distractions as Leaders

Everyone struggles with distractions in life. Here’s Pastor Priji talking about distractions we have as leaders and how to overcome them.

We all have a purpose, vision, goal but we have not learnt the skill to overcoming distractions. In the Bible, Samson knew that he was called to be a saviour, redeemer in Israel but because he had not learnt how to overcome temptations, his purpose did not get fulfilled to its fullest extent thereby failed him as a leader.
We need to seek grace from God to overcome distractions. There are certain distractions like marriage, commitment towards home like mentioned by Apostle Paul in the new testament. We tend to allow these distractions to influence our heart, thoughts & decisions which becomes an obstacle rather than a resource to help you walk closer to God. For example, marriage. Marriage is ordained by God. So, it must bring us closer to God. But if we fail to love and submit to our spouse, marriage could be an obstacle that will stop you from pursuing God.

Distractions are not merely temptations which the enemy brings in, but it also can be from our own doings. It could be our spiritual things, the places we spend our time. It is very necessary for our focus and goal redefined in every season of our life. When we walk through life with a goal these distractions deviate us and these deviations changes our destination.

Let us reflect on how we are living our life, how we are spending our money, how we are doing our relationships. If we are not receiving from God about our purposes on a daily basis which leads our doings to waste. Jesus withdrew Himself from the disciples and the crowd even though He loved them to spend time with His Father and know the plans of His Father

It is important for us to take every single aspect of God and ask him for the direction because we are influenced by the world around us. It is necessary for God’s fire to refine and purify our goals and destination so we may not be deviated.

Do you have a clear understanding of what has God called you to do? Do you have an understanding how to achieve them? What are the channels to the purpose? Do you have principles in your life? If yes, it is necessary to inspect your heart, thoughts, finance and relationships. Check your inspection with your goals and purpose.

Let us be men & women of God who have learnt to overcome our distractions and not be deviated by them.

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