LifeTalk: Pst. P. G. Vargis

This podcast is a repost, originally published on Oct 3rd, 2015.

This week join in with Pastor Priji’s Life Talk with Pastor Vargis about God’s faithfulness, His lead, and His teachings experienced by him in his walk with the Lord.


Pastor Priji Varghese: What would be the one lesson you’ve learnt from your time in ministry?

Pastor P. G. Vargis: He is trust worthy. He will not let you down. In my office there is a quote by George Mueller on the wall that said, “If the Lord fails me at this time, it will be the first time.” In the forty three years of my ministry, God has never failed me, though my prayers might be delayed even for a long while.

Pastor Priji Varghese: What is the reason behind your passion for the ministry?

Pastor P. G. Vargis: There are two visions behind it. Soon after I was born again, I took my wife for a walk along the Himalaya mountains. We sang and prayed. I then saw fires on the mountains. At times when it does not rain the people living there cook in the open and I could see the fires. The Holy Spirit told me how I was to celebrate Christmas soon, but those people there do not even know what it is all about. My wife cried when I told her of it, and when I said I would go to them, she said she’d come with me. Those cooking fires are still before my eyes always.

Secondly, after about seven to eight years of my ministry, I went to the river Ganges where I saw a man snatching his own six month old child from the weeping mother and throwing him into the river alive. Even today, if you visit the place you would be able to see a dead baby floating by every passing hour. These two visions are like fuel to my passion and ministry.

Pastor Priji Varghese: What do you think is lacking in the young people of this generation?

Pastor P. G. Vargis: If you want to shoot a bird, you aim for only one. You do not try to aimlessly shoot at a flock. The young people are easily discouraged. They want to do something big like building a mega church within a short time like one year. They want things to be done quickly without patiently working for it one by one. They do not concentrate on one thing to pursue.

Young brothers and sisters, know your call and purpose and be faithful to that vision even though it may take years. There are however some cases when something big like building a church has been done in one year, but that does not happen often so do not quit but concentrate on one thing.

Pastor Priji Varghese: As it is the process that is majorly discouraging, what is the best way to face discouragements in every day life?

Pastor P. G. Vargis: Read life stories. I am what I am because of the life stories I read as God leads me. Recite and confess Bible verses and promises. I get discouraged easily and need to remind myself of His faithfulness.

Pastor Priji Varghese: When we recite Scripture or hear other people’s lives’ stories, it builds faith in our life, in our hearts.

What advice would you give young couples married and yet to be married?

Pastor P. G. Vargis: Love is a choice. I wasn’t in love with my wife when we got married because it was arranged. I married her in obedience to my mother. We got into fights often, but when I was born again I made a choice to love and live with her. You have to choose to love your partner no matter how they are.

Secondly, both must adjust. Most times, men out of their egos do not like to make adjustments thinking themselves to be bosses. That is not Biblical, neither good psychologically.

Thirdly, we must always pray together before bed.

Try to read a good book on marriage often.

I used to fight with my wife often. It reduced, but I hit her after my conversion. After I became a pastor, I slapped her again. Then, when I became a leader, I slapped her again for the third time. One day I came back home a day early from a meeting to find my children and wife crying filled with the fear of getting beaten. The former because they did not have their shoes in order and the latter because the house was not in order. They should have been happy, but they were hiding away. I sat outside the house and prayed and questioned if this was a Christian home, if this was Christian peace. The Bible verse came to me, “Blessed are the peacemakers” I cannot demand peace; I have to make it. That day I decided to make peace for my wife and children. I never had fights with my wife afterwards, only some very minor disagreements.

It is not easy to follow Jesus. It is a struggle, but it is a good struggle as the Holy Spirit helps us.

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(This is a repost. This podcast was originally published on Oct 3rd, 2015.)

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