Prayer & Intercession

This week we revisit Pastor Priji’s conversation with Pastor Cleophas on the importance of praying and interceding on behalf of others without wavering in faith.

This podcast is a repost, originally published on December 16, 2017.


Pastor Priji:What inspired you to start the hundred days prayer at church?
Pastor Cleophas:When we were praying for the year, the Lord pressed upon our hearts to pray for hundred days together. He had taught us the previous year to lay the foundation of this one in prayer. He put it in our hearts to intercede with Him for the city. We planned the days but the Lord took over the time. It was all about pursuing Him.
Pastor Priji:How would you distinguish between prayer and intercession?
Pastor Cleophas:Intercession can be a call for some individuals like Daniel and Esther. However, in a Christians’s life, as one grows deeper in God, they start interceding for others. The Bible urges us to pray for one another. Revival is not about God doing something for you, but rather about Him working in and through you.
Pastor Priji:What is the point of intercession? If God really loves them, wouldn’t He work regardless of whether we pray or not?
Pastor Cleophas:God has given us the authority and the dominion on the earth to declare His Kingdom here. God loves each and every one of us. However, there is power in our declaration. When we intercede and declare, we declare into the spiritual realm. God does not need our help. We partner with Him to release His power on earth. By not doing so, we are limiting our authority. When believers pray together there is power. When we come together, heaven is with us. God wants us to intercede. We may be unaware, but there may be many around the city/nation that God is already causing to awaken and intercede along with us.
Pastor Priji:How to deal with disappointments when Godly prayers are unanswered?
Pastor Cleophas:We all expect instant breakthrough. Prayer is an investment in the presence of God. It will be rewarded. We must, however, understand the timing of God. Pray out of love and out of the Spirit’s persuasion, no matter the results. Prayer is not in vain. Remain in faith even after long periods of no answers.
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