The Father’s Love (with Pastor Nimfi Abraham)

Here’s a conversation Pastor Priji has with Pastor Nimfi, Pastor at House of Healing. In this podcast, Pastor Nimfi shares her heart about the love of the Father and the importance of sharing this love with people around.


Pastor Priji: Thank you for doing this conversation. Would you like to greet our friends and listeners from wherever they are.

Pastor Nimfi: I am glad to do the podcast with Pastor Priji. I hope you benefit from this.

Pastor Priji: Pastor Nimfi, I have to ask you, how did you know that God has called you for the ministry you are doing? Did you get inspired by seeing somebody? How did you reach where you are, what were the stepping stones that redirected your life? There are many people that look upto you for mentorship, leadership, teaching God’s word and you also lead the worship ministry. What brought you till here ?

Pastor Nimfi: What brought me into ministry, doing, what I am doing now is, seeing God as a Father. That’s the first thing that captured me, captured my attention and just changed my whole plan for my life. I wanted nothing to do with ministry but then God intervened and showed me the Father side of Him that He can still love inspite of all your mess. He kept telling me to show the same to the people around.

When I got married, the people who came to church were broken and what God told me was, to show the same Fatherly love I experienced. I got inspired by Heidi Baker. I love the passion she has, the heart she carries. She will stop for that
one person no matter how tight her schedule is. Until you stop, they (people) will not hear from God. This is what pushed me to minister to the kids’ and mentor them.

One of the promises or a word God has been releasing is to be a Mother. To release the Fatherly love by being a mother.

Pastor Priji: That’s amazing. What I hear is, there is an overflow from your personal encounter with God that is what you are pouring into the people coming to receive. That’s what ministry was supposed to be. Today we think, if I have all the right skill sets of preaching and all the knowledge about preaching, understanding the right scale to sing only then this can be done. It’s out of our overflow with what we receive from God, is what we give to people.

If I have to ask you, how did the leadership of both the churches (HOH – Manipal & Mangalore) come about. Because, the Lord has put women leaders/ministers here, that’s very unusual an Indian context in the church. Tell us the story and your heart behind it. What were the struggles you faced ? What people say about it and how did you overcome ?

Pastor Nimfi: All the girls in the pastoral team started out very broken. All of them had a lot of baggages, a past, they came with a lot of heaviness and all they needed was someone to love and released into them, to give what they didn’t receive all throughout their life. They found themselves very comfortable in the presence of God. I believe that every women are “emotional” thats one characteristic I see in each women. When they get the emotional connection, all the healing happens because they allowed that space. With emotions, comes trust, they knew they could trust somebody with their mess and still feel loved that allowed healing.

Some of the challenges we faced as women as pastors were, some were not able to accept them and were offended and there was group discussion on it. God created man and woman with the same destination, call and ability. Every
human being releases something unique, if they don’t accept a female minister, they miss out on what she has to offer.

Pastor Priji: What you are saying is, these girls or these Pastors are not able to, rather it was the people who were not ready to receive, that’s why what would you say to young girls that are preparing to be used by the Lord, preparing their hearts and lives, what are the areas they need to be watchful about because you have already raised women pastors, how would you encourage women to prepare themselves if they are called into ministry?

Pastor Nimfi: Some of the things are, for a woman minister, not everybody in the crowd would accept you. In a hundred people crowd there would be one person that receives and ninety nine don’t, but that’s ok. God is going to change that person through the words released. It’s ok if people don’t accept or appreciate you. God has chosen you to release a certain thing because you are strong and perfect enough to carry it. Go in confidence. Go in boldness. Being emotional is good in a way, because, you go with them to the emotional state to help them out.

Pastor Priji: I completely agree about being emotional is a good thing. Sometimes, there are areas men cannot connect to as much as a women can because of the motherly heart they carry that even God has and they reflect that so beautifully.

What is your heartbeat for the church in the days to come? What are some of your dreams and desires to see not just for women, but in general. What would you like to see happen through the church in Manipal and Mangalore through House of Healing ?

Pastor Nimfi: I believe God wants us to release into the youngsters and the Catholic families. Many of them are really broken, seeking for acceptance and help. I believe God placed us in this land especially for these two categories.
The Catholics are ready to go with the flow, when you tell Christ is the way, they believe like a child would. He (Jesus) wants willing hearts. He wants to release into the youngsters because they are so young and full of energy and they will release into this land. I feel that is what Christ is doing through our ministry in this land.

Pastor Priji: On a concluding note, would you like to add anything or pray and finish.

Pastor Nimfi: (Prayer):

I release Jesus into you, over every area of emptiness I release Jesus. Over every area of void I release love. Love to overcome everthing of self in you regardless of the abilities you think you have, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

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