The Sacrificial Lifestyle


Let this conversation empower and equip us to be a leader like Jesus.

When we have a heart to serve, to love, to forgive and to lead we will become leaders who are not effective and productive but create an impact and leave a legacy. Productivity and effectiveness are the by-products of our character, lifestyle, principles. Let us pay attention to our character, lifestyle and principles and this will lead to our productivity. We must focus primarily on our heart and our mind.

In this context, let us consider the reference of a leadership teaching of Apostle Paul to his son Timothy – II Timothy: 2

Timothy was not trained by Apostle Paul but by his mother and grandmother. In this particular season, Timothy was working and walking with Apostle Paul. He was witness of the Lord’s doing through Apostle Paul’s life. Apostle Paul is being used to lead, mentor Timothy.

Let us receive an impartation as we read and learn from this scripture.

Apostle Paul refers to Timothy in the terms of the relationship they carry. It is important to understand that we cannot receive instructions from someone we do not carry a relationship with. In this time of technology, there are different types of resources where we can come to a place we do not carry a relationship but receive from it but it is necessary for us to use it for our nourishment in our spirit. And when we want guidance in our soul and mind where we must be vulnerable, there is a requirement of a godly relationship. Apostle Paul ministered in several places and dedicated many people into the Kingdom of God and yet he did not have a relationship with everyone one of them.  This relationship becomes a ground for you to receive instructions from your leader. As you submit to God you will need to submit to the leader who He has appointed for you and have the ability to recognise people that God has appointed for your help. As some may walk above you and beside you.

We cannot do leadership with independency. We must become intentional about developing a relationship those above, beside, around and beneath you with the wisdom He has provided. Timothy understood that more than Apostle Paul needing him, he needed Apostle Paul to walk along. When we tend to develop relationship in such a perspective it tends to be easier.

Apostle Paul says to Timothy to be strong, consistently strengthened and empowered in the grace that is found in Christ Jesus. There are three important parts: 1. To be strong 2. To be strengthened 3. To be empowered. The place of refuelling for a leader is very important but not from the leader but from the Lord. Every resource can dry up except the Grace of God. If you are exhausted at this point, spend time with God. It is prone for you to burnt out. It is necessary to take breaks and have check so before you reach a burnout, you refuel yourself. Nothing is valuable without the Grace of God.

Later, Apostle Paul teaches the principle of legacy. He teaches Timothy to hand down his learning to the next generation of leaders. When we focus only on results, we fail to see the long term. In order to be effective, you must be intentional in raising another leader in your stead. Leadership that does not reproduce anything, is not leadership.

Apostle Paul brings out to Timothy the important quality of a leader is to live a sacrificial lifestyle. A leader must learn to give up certain privileges. It is necessary to disconnect what is not adding upon you calling. When you intentionally grow and make sacrifices, you will produce fruit.

In conclusion, it is necessary for intentional godly relationship. Secondly, it is important to refuel yourself from the grace of God. Thirdly, it is needed to pass out your learnings and principles to the next generation. Lastly, it is necessary for us to be sacrificial in our lifestyles.

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