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Nov 3, 2018 | Life


This podcast is a repost, originally published on April 17, 2017.

This week the Q&A session continues as Pastor Priji is again interviewed by Sherly on behalf of the podcast listeners who have put forth more questions.

Question: How do I silence my mind in prayer when my thoughts are too loud to focus on God?

Answer: It is important to silence our minds during prayer as it is not just about talking to God but also receiving from Him. Being distracted not only stops you from listening to God, but will also stop your prayer completely because you’re not engaging in it.

The first thing to start doing is to re-prioritize. After Rashmi and I got married, I used to, in conversations, be checking the phone and the computer, and that was not acceptable to her. She asked me what is more important than talking to her whether ministry, someone texting, score checking? That question helped me re prioritize everything in life. I have to check if anything is as important than hearing from God.

When we’re not keen on listening to Him, how can we hear Him? If that becomes the priority, it is easy to say no everything else of less importance. Every time I felt the lack of God, it was not because of Him not speaking but because I wasn’t listening.

Question: How do you know that God is talking to you? How do you sense it?

Answer: You have got to be acquainted with the voice of God. The Bible is the language of God. When we read the Bible, we get acquainted to His language. Our hearts tune into His language. Then, when you pray, you hear Him and understand Him.

Question: The guy I am in a relationship with is not willing to take a stand for me with His family. How do I respond to it and go ahead in my relationship?

Answer: It is very sad when people do not take a stand for their partner before your family and society. Mostly the reason is not because of a certain wrong but because of the fear of man.

You should not dishonour your parents, but if that partner is God chosen, you must take a stand and kill the fear of man. If you fear man, you cannot please God.

To the girl facing this, how sure are you to marry him? If he does not stand up for you before marriage, he won’t do it later. That can be really damaging. Parents then will have a control over your family life. Pray and recheck if it is God’s will for your life. if it is not, you have to stop it even though it is hard. But is you are sure he is God’s will, conversation should help because guys can be really dumb because they do not see things women do. He sees it as a temporary problem. Have an honest conversation.

Do not be passive about the situation.

Question: In an earlier podcast, Pastor Vijay and Virginia mentioned that we must learn to enjoy our singleness. I want to, but am not able to do so. How can I overcome the same?

Answer: Being single at a marriageable age is not very easy and tempting to make wrong choices, especially for a girl. Though not easy, as you develop your relationship with Jesus, everything becomes beautiful.

Our greatest example of singleness is Jesus. There was never frustrated and depressed because of it. But, He was not aloof from human temptations, so He can sympatise with our weaknesses. How did Jesus enjoy His singleness? Jesus was not alone. He had a deep relationship with the Father.

Being a single person is easy when you are continually engaging in your relationship with God because a single person has less responsibilities and more time. Invest into your relationship with God.

What you invest in your single time, will unfold later in your marriage. Some of the most blessed revelations I received of God was during my days of loneliness when I had no friends at all but God. It was the best phase of my relationship with God.

Develop Godly friends and do not isolate yourself

Question: How can I lead like Jesus when I am surrounded by a bunch of idiots at work?

Answer: It would help us to know Jesus had a lot of idiots around Him. Even His disciples used to respond foolishly. Jesus just fed five thousand and after crossing over they wonder if He was upset because they did not get bread. Two disciples come and tell him if they can call fire from heaven and destroy the city because they did not accept Him.

Jesus then had to expound things to them. They did not understand His heart, but He led them and even got strict when He needed to.

The most important thing was that Jesus was patient with them. He never gave up on them. When I know who I am, it doesn’t matter if people are unjust to me. I should be secure in who I am- a child of God, an imitator of Jesus. If that means I have to be humble, I will. If I have to stand up against an unrighteous decision though I may risk a promotion.

We must see and follow how Jesus led His disciples intentionally loving and being patient with them.

Question: Is it okay to take Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga to help me with my physical needs?

Answer: Whatever it is, if it can be explained scientifically or is natural, it is harmless. However if the reason behind some practices and the reason why you’re being healed is unknown, you many be treading on spiritual places that should be avoided.

God says “I am the God that heals you” and the enemy substitutes it with Yoga and other things. Going to the doctor is not the same because there is no spiritual element in it. It is just using the things God has given and using means through which God is healing you.

You must not go to another spirit in place of God. Jesus was faced with the same thing when Satan offered everything if He worshiped him. He offered a short cut that was wrong.

If God is the One who heals you, you do not need anyone or anything else.

Do contact us with further questions to that you would want to be addressed by Pastor Priji in the upcoming conversations.


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