Jesus Healed My Heart! – Roopal Olive

Mar 24, 2018 | Life

Listen to the testimony of how Roopal from Bangalore Revival Center, got touched by God because somebody shared Jesus with her.

Pastor Priji: When was the first time somebody told you about Jesus ?
Roopal: It was at my workplace, through my Spiritual mother Ashwini, to whom God spoke, she is a very reserved person who won’t speak to another person about Christ until led by Spirit, then she will talk. I was in a bad time in my life when Ashwini spoke to me saying ‘ God told me you might be smiling outside but God knows you’re hurting inside, I felt your pain ‘. She started speaking about Christ to me, that’s when I thought that okay there is a hope.

Pastor Priji: Now she’s your Spiritual mom but back then you both were friends or colleagues but then she started ministering to you right ?
Roopal: Yes, before we barely even spoke. rarely spoke.

Pastor Priji: So what about Jesus caused you to start to follow Him ? What was the it about Jesus that appealed to you so much ?
Roopal: I was in touch with Ashwini, she started praying for me and that is when I felt my heart open for Jesus to walk into my life. Though I was from this Hindu idol worship background, because we were in a different realm of idol worship and things of that nature, it wasn’t easy to accept the things I learned and knew about Jesus. But Ashwini slowly started sharing with me the Bible app and started suggesting I start reading from Genesis to get an idea of the essence of God and His word.
I never really opened up about my pain to anybody, until I met somebody like Ashwini. The way she prayed over my life, it made my heart open, and I could open myself upto to so many things, ie. the Bible.

Pastor Priji: So the one thing that really inspired you about the person of Jesus is the fact that He is a prayer answering God. You prayed to many people, Gods etc. But when you prayed to Jesus He began answering your prayers, talking back to you, respond to you, heal your heart. That’s the one big area in your life where God revealed Himself as a prayer answering God. Yes ?
Roopal: Yes Pastor Priji, after that I started catching up really quickly with God, the first 6 months all I did was chase God and catch up quickly, I read the bible nonstop. There was one time when I was reading book of John where he said ‘ I will baptize you with water but there is one who will come who will baptize you with fire ‘. I never understood this but slowly over time I started to understand these things and see the power lying within this verse.

Pastor Priji: I remember your testimony on a sunday when you shared about why you’re getting baptized and you came forward and you couldn’t speak or share and just started to speak in tongues and within the next few minutes the entire church was crying and weeping, praying together. It was such a beautiful sunday, i still remember that day.
Roopal: All the sisters of the church, Elina, Silvia, Sherly, Ashwini all were holding me and started prophesying what God’s plan for me. There was a pull on my hand that was so strong and felt like I was tied to a huge army with me, I felt the pull of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God.

Pastor Priji: So your growth in God always had these 2 elements yes, reading your bible and the experience of the Holy Spirit, contributed to your growth in the Lord. Sometimes people only read the Bible or only one of the other as such, but you pursue both of them, the word of God and filled in the Holy Spirit. How has that worked for you so far ?
Roopal: Well how it started was God will choose you and make your heart soft and open for the word of God to enter. That’s the time when you read the Bible excessively since your heart is open and give God access to work in your life. Read the Bible and it builds faith in you. Moment you speak with Holy Spirit, He gives revelation of what you just read.
Then on start praying in tongues, it will edify your spirit. Slowly there came time when I started preaching word of God to my colleagues and there was an out pouring.

Pastor Priji: Your life with God started with somebody who was a stranger who came and told you about Jesus at your point of need and that continued till you accepted Jesus because of the prayer that she did, the efforts that she did in following up and spending time with you and showing you the love of God and now after getting baptized and getting filled in the Holy Spirit and giving yourself continually to read the word of God, you’ve come to a place where not only are you receiving from God but also fact that God is using you to give to other people. You’ve reached same place where Ashwini was when she ministered to you, you are now doing it too. That’s a sign of growth.
Roopal: Yes, Pastor. Moment you get filled with Holy Spirit, you start doing things you never thought you could, you get an outpouring of love and revelation and movement in Him.

Pastor Priji: Would you care to just speak a word of prayer over other people out there who are where you started off before stepping into what Christ has for you, people gripped by fear, people who’re confused etc. ?
Roopal: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, I’m praying for your children in this world, to everybody who needs saving just like you saved me, daddy. Father even as I pray, let this be a seed of faith sown into their hearts Lord, and let that faith lead them to be led by the Spirit and be a vessel that you want to fill. Just like you filled me with Holy Spirit, everybody listening in, let them be filled in Holy Spirit, let them see dreams and visions that you want to show them Lord. Just as you helped me trust you, let there be joy and peace over everybody listening in. Father let your grace and mercy rest upon them and they will do greater things as they move forward in you. Glory to you Father. Amen!

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