LifeTalk: Pst. Benny Mathew

Mar 9, 2019 | Life

LifeTalk: Pst. Benny Mathew

Mar 9, 2019 | Life

LifeTalk: Pst. Benny Mathew

Mar 9, 2019 | Life

(Note: This is a repost. This post was originally posted on Oct 31st, 2015)

This week Pastor Priji talks with Pastor Benny Matthew about His life in Christ, the unconditional love of God and our responsibility to be unwavering in our commitment to Him.


Pastor Priji: What is your motivation for everyday life? What gets you by every day?

Pastor Benny: I have served in the army, so I am used to getting up early in the morning. It has become a habit now. As a family we have decided that mornings are for serving the Lord. As an individual, I think it is important to thank Him for His mercy, greatness and faithfulness in my life. The first thing I do is look up at the sky from my open window and thank Him regardless of where I am.

I ask myself sometimes what the purpose of my existence is. In the Book of Jeremiah God says that I may not know why I am here but He ordained me when I was yet in my mother’s womb. If He ordained me before birth, I need to step into that purpose.

Any person who seeks to find their purpose will find it in the Word of God.

Pastor Priji: You mentioned you lost your pet of six years. Would you like to share what you learnt from your experience with Shadow?

Pastor Benny: We just lost our Labrador of six years old. For us it was a big deal because he was my son’s closest friend, and like my other son. The affection we had for him was highly reciprocated by him. What we learnt from him was unconditional love. If my son wanted a bowl, Shadow would want the same bowl. I would then tell him that Jordan is younger than him and that he can have it later. That didn’t change his love for us. In the same way, our no’s do not change His unconditional love for us.

Whenever we recognise His presence, we must also recognise His unconditional love for us.

Pastor Priji: How did the message of the cross impact your life?

Pastor Benny: After I was born, my mother passed away in three months. When I was in the womb, she had cancer. People said that I would not make it and even if I did, would have deformities. I realised that God did not bring me into this world as a mistake. There was a time I wanted to end my life, Jesus walked in and changed it completely.

When I met Jesus what I experienced is unconditional love no matter what happens. So, I decided to carry that love to others’ lives. The biggest thing you can do for someone else is the impact you have on them. I may not be able to give them a lot of money, but I can love and that will have an impact on them.

When I was in the army, I was taken to places where no one knew the Word of God. God taught me to be faithful when no one’s watching you.

Pastor Priji: Do you find parallels between a soldier of the nation and a soldier in Christ? How do you exercise your authority as a soldier in Christ wherever God has placed you?

Pastor Benny: The only word that comes in my mind is commitment. When a person gets saved, the only thing that matters is your commitment to Him. When we are committed, the challenges test it thoroughly. There are times when it will be shaken. That’s the time to stand firm.

Pastor Priji: Could you share a word from God to those listening?

Pastor Benny: Matthew 6:33 – Seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, even if you have lost something- a job, friend, relationship. God will give us grace to seek Him. All we need is the grace of God.

If you are struggling, remember, if God be for you, who can be against you? Everything will work together for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. In Proverbs it is written to trust in the Lord with all your heart and to lean not on your own understanding. You will see the Lord parting the Red Sea for us.

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