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Aug 31, 2019 | Life

This is a repost, originally published on December 2, 2017.

Pastor Priji converses with Pastor Jonathan Edward about the goodness of God revealed in his life through His healing and His provision. However, what draws the heart to God must be love.


Pastor Priji:Being a pastor’s son, what is the story of you meeting Jesus?
Pastor Jonathan:I was clearly brought up in a Christian family as my father is a pastor. I had not much of a struggle believing in God, but I wanted to know Him more. We were brought up with good values. When I was in my tenth standard, I had a dream one night of hell. It drove me to God instantly and He saved me.
Pastor Priji:When and how did you start doing ministry?
Pastor Jonathan:I was helping my dad in his ministry work before I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. I hadn’t known about Him. When I started knowing Him and His work, everything changed.
Pastor Priji:At what age did you give yourself to ministry?
Pastor Jonathan:When I was doing my graduation, I was sick and close to death by tuberculosis for the fourth time. I was unable to even drink water and was vomiting blood. The doctors had given up on me. I had no hope and no one prayed for healing or encouraged me. I told God that if He can heal me as He did in the Bible, I will do anything for Him. My uncle came the next day and told me that Jesus heals even today and that I should have faith in Him. He then prayed and God healed me instantly. That was when I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time.
Pastor Priji:When did you plant this church? Was it the result of this encounter with Him?
Pastor Jonathan:At that time I did not plan anything. I just wanted to have fellowship with Him. I pursued Him everyday and He revealed His plans for me. One day at a church anniversary service, the Lord spoke to me for about forty minutes in a vision. He told me the reason he called me into ministry and how I should go on with the church planting. Within ten days the church started. It was about six and a half years ago.
Pastor Priji:With how many people did the church start then?
Pastor Jonathan:It was started with four to six people. Now we have eighty to ninety believers sound in the Word. Also, people from other villages keep visiting for healing.
Pastor Priji:Can you tell us the story behind the church building?
Pastor Jonathan:I always trust God and do not approach people for help. He wants us to come to Him for everything like a little child. When I knew that God wanted me to start a church, I told it to my parents. It was they who said they’ll sell all they had to give to the church. They sold all that they saved and became part of this God given vision. When people started knowing about the ministry, they contributed as God led them. It took almost a year to build the place.
Pastor Priji:Through these years as a pastor of the church what are the challenges you have faced?
Pastor Jonathan:There are a lot of challenges when you have to start a church from the very beginning. I had a lot of sleepless nights. But I trusted in God. God’s encouragement is unlike other people’s. We just put in all that we had and God did it. God was with us. We had not even bought a house, but He made sure we never struggle financially.
Pastor Priji:When you’re focused on the right things, the challenges do not matter. What is the one revelation of the Holy Spirit that changed your life and still drives you?
Pastor Jonathan:The only thing that matters is love. It is the love of God birthed by the Holy Spirit in Jesus that drives me. Surrender to God and He will be everything.

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