5 Signs That You Are Still A Boy

Pastor Priji shares five key identifiers to understand if you are mature and ready as a man for Marriage. Let us know what God spoke to you and how this helped you in, you are preparation and journey!


Marriage is not for “boys” but it is for “men” – Pastor Aby.

It is a normal tendency to think that a boy will turn out to be more responsible, mature and manly when he gets married. But, that is not true! The Bible says that “a man” leaves his father and mother and become one with his wife.

Here are five signs that can help to check and see if you are still a boy or if you are ready for marriage!

1. Controlled by hormones and not by the Holy Spirit:

When we hit puberty, we go through all kinds of hormonal changes. We want to put our hands into everything and we want to discover what intimacy is and that’s totally understandable for a teenager boy. 

Now, you wouldn’t expect a man to behave that way after encountering with God and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8 :14 says all that those are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.

If you are making your life choices based on your hormones and pleasures but not with the help of the Holy Spirit then you are still a boy, my friend.

2. Random and ambiguous financial choices:

A man of God will have a clear understanding of his finances. He will stand on his own feet.  Not trying to say that you have to be “well settled and get your finances sorted out” but a man will lean and trust in the Lord for his everyday provisions.

As a single man, take time to check how are you making your financial choices, how much do you spend on a daily basis and where is your money going into?

Here’s a word that the Lord gave me regarding my finances!

If I have not made the most with what I have, then I don't deserve to be blessed with more. Click To Tweet

3. Emotional Dependency:

Dependency can be of different kinds, it could be financial dependency or physical dependency or emotional dependency.

As children, we are dependent on our parents for food, hygiene, appreciation and validation.  We need that parental love at that age but if we are still going to be emotionally dependent on our family, friends and our closest, then that’s a red flag.

A gift that you can give your future spouse is an emotionally, healed and whole self. Click To Tweet

We need to stop and disconnect on being emotionally dependent on our closest and make God alone our place for emotional dependency and satisfaction.

4. Underdeveloped Identity:

If you are not aware of your identity or where you are headed in your life, your calling and your purpose then you are still a boy, my friend.

A man is aware of his destiny and it is necessary that you intentionally work towards it and ask God to reveal His plans for you.

5. Gripped with fear:

If you are gripped with fear and cannot stand up to face and fight your own battles and challenges then that’s a something that you need learn and work.

When Saul sent out a word that whoever kills Goliath will marry his daughter, David, who was still then a young boy, killed Goliath and proved himself ready for marriage.

I pray that you will ask God to train your fingers for war and help you to overcome your fears and giants like David did.


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