How Important Is Family Prayer?

This podcast is a repost, was originally published on Jan 13, 2018.

This week, we continue with the Marriage Talk as Pastors Priji and Rashmi discuss the vitality of hosting the presence of God in the home through regular family prayer.


Pastor Priji: Have you noticed that in the absence of family prayer, there are struggles in our relationship with each other and with our children?

Pastor Rashmi: When we were newly married, we had the first nine months to ourselves. We had then spent with genuine regularity an hour in the mornings for prayer and Bible study. We were not able to do that since the baby came along. There are certain days we do not engage in family prayer at all. However, I have noticed that we achieve nothing much in the days when we miss family prayer. The time meant for family prayer, when replaced with a chore, has never been successfully spent. The chore is mostly left undone or incomplete. Just as prayer is food for the soul, family prayer is food for the family.

Pastor Priji: Prayer should be a part of a relationship even if the two are not yet married, whether in a relationship or engaged. Prayer brings clarity. All the down times we have had in our marriage were days we had missed out on prayer. Though we may think we had no opportunity to pray, it was actually a choice made. Family prayer is not about the amount of time spent, but about the sincerity in devotion. Let it be genuinely done and not for the sake of duty.

Pastor Rashmi: It is a culture that the children would inherit from us.

Pastor Priji: Mostly, we have our prayers neglected when there are guests present- out of wanting to be there to serve them always. If corporate prayer in church is important, how much more in the family? The family is the basic unit of the church.

Pastor Rashmi: Matthew 06 says that you must first seek the Kingdom of God, then all other things will be added to you. When family prayer has been given up, it is like the walls of defence have fallen down. However, God has been faithful to bring it to our attention through dreams or visions.

Pastor Priji:It is like living in a well protected house, but with open doors; it is foolish. Let not hindrances like a job stop prayers and meeting together to worship God. What does it matter if you have not a great job, a title, or a lot of wealth? God’s glory will shine on your life. God will be your teacher. The more you host Him, the more of His presence you will experience. The more you ignore Him, the less you will experience Him. Though I would like to believe that He is not affected by my actions, The Spirit of God does get grieved.

Intentionally host the presence of God in the home. That’s a family on whom will be manifested the gifts of the Holy Spirit and who will produce the fruit of the Spirit- the family on whom the light of God shines powerfully.

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