The Pride Killer

In the journey of marriage, there are challenges we face in which we are unable to connect with our spouse. One of the reason would be because of pride. In today’s Marriage talk, Pastor Priji talks on how pride manifests from different areas of our life and affect our marriage. Today, let us learn the way to kill pride.


A marriage is to be rooted in God, His grace, His desires and His plans. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus, our marriages will prosper. When we focus on other things, we bound to fail. Let our marriage help us fulfil our purpose. In the journey of marriage, there are challenges we face in which we are unable to connect with our spouse.

When sin entered this world, we have become selfish even with Adam & Eve, they blamed each other. We also tend to do the same thing to fulfil our selfish desires and defend ourselves. When there is ‘selfishness’ in a marriage, it is difficult for the unification of the two souls. Let us walk with oneness towards God. It is necessary for us to lay ourselves down.

Pride was brought in by Lucifer in the presence of God which led to his downfall. Every relationship that is broken or fallen is because of pride. Let us pray for pride to be fallen out. There are several ways to break out pride but ‘Agape’ love which is the way God loved us as the primary weapon to kill pride and ego.

There are different ways in which pride can be manifested but if there is selfishness, it can rupture your marriage. You never understand or know that you are proud which is because of the ‘I’ factor that you fail to see anyone else but yourself. If pride can affect other friendships, it will affect you marriage. Let us learn the way to kill pride.

The way in which we can kill pride is by “Agape” love. In the Bible, we understand that this love is patient. The initial step to kill pride is by being patient. Impatience is a symbol of pride and the sign of not letting go. It is necessary for us to locate the aspects in which we are not patient. But, love demands to be patient. Love is kind. It can never be justified for us being unkind.

When we are not self-centred, we become kind. We consider and look into the spouse’s needs. Unkindness is an act of not understanding what love is, it creates a foundation of love. The primary need is patience and kindness. After being patient and kind, when love is expressed, it creates a meaning. It kills our ego and pride.

In the context, this love is not jealous, boastful or proud. Love is not rude. When we are rude, we let pride walk in. Love does not demand in its own way. It is necessary to have conversations to understand each one’s perspective. Love is not irritable. When there is constant irritancy, it is not natural. It is because we often focus on ourselves and not the other person. Love keeps no record of wrong doings. It is necessary for us to let go of our spouse’s wrong doings. The record of our wrong doings has been forgotten and forgiven by God but only the devil holds an account of these. Love is required to go in hand with truth, it is necessary to be vulnerable and truthful to our spouse.

Love never gives up, is faithful and always endures. Let us pursue this ‘Agape’ love.
Let us not be impatient, unkind, jealous, boastful, demanding, and irritable, hold record of wrong doings, and give away hope.

Let us kill pride with the ‘Agape’ love.

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