Throne of Mercy

by | May 17, 2022 | Mercy

And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness. – Isaiah 16:5 KJV


Good morning and welcome to this new day. The Lord is merciful and gracious towards us. Sometimes we think that when God is merciful, He will not hurt, judge or punish us; but most of the punishment done by God on this side of eternity, is an expression of his mercy towards us.

If we read Isaiah 16, we hear judgment pronounced on Moab. They hurt the people of God, they didn’t align to the plan of God and did everything possible to destroy Israel, and the Lord in his anger decides to judge Moab. But here is the premise to that judgement.
Isaiah 16:5 – “In mercy the throne shall be established; and one who judges and seeks justice and is diligent in righteousness shall sit on it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging.”
This is the premise, this is the context for the judgement coming to judge Moab. It says in mercy the throne of God will be established.

So when God is sitting down to judge Moab, it is normal to see the negative side effects of the judgement and be hurt by it, but when we understand that this judgement was a result of God showing mercy upon them, because if God wouldn’t discipline them right or if God wouldn’t help them to realign their lives to God’s purposes, this nation would self destruct, it would destroy its own children and it’s own future.

If you read the entire chapter, at the end it says the population is reduced and then, there’s a small remnant left. Now God can use this remnant to rebuild the nation. Now if God wouldn’t discipline them right now, there the entire nation would be be destroyed, there would be nothing left off of it. That is why I’m emphasizing that some of the discipline, some of the help, the protective care God does over our life, is an expression of His mercy, his throne of judgement is established from mercy.

The next line gives us a description of the one who is seated on that throne. It says, he is the one who judges, who seeks justice, he is the one diligent in righteousness and going to sit on it in truth, in the tabernacle of David and judge it. This is the God who loves his people and yet, he is diligent in righteousness and seeks righteousness, that is why he is going to judge, put things into order and that is why he is going to put things into order and declare divine alignment in our life. Today we have to come before the throne of God and allow him to judge us in his mercy, allow him to speak his heart over our circumstances; allow him to speak his life over our marriage.

There are certain areas that we don’t want to yield to God’s will, but if we will see this God as a God who judges us, we should come to him and say “God, you have the final say, the final authority. Why don’t you sit on your throne of mercy and make a judgment concerning my life? Why don’t you speak what is just and righteous? Because you are diligent in your righteousness and you see justice in my life, so will you please take your rightful place in my heart and life and speak out a judgement about my course. Let there be a course correction, let there be change of direction. Let there be a bending of my will to yours. Let there be a change of my plans, so that I can adopt yours, because your judgment and throne is established in mercy. I trust your judgment daddy, I trust your plans for me and every word you will speak, even though it may not be something that I want to do,
I will just trust it and re-align my life to obey and and live in accordance to that. The Bible says that He is the one who will sit on the throne of truth in the tabernacle of David and then he begins to judge. The tabernacle of David, was where worship and praise happens all the time, where the presence of God was hosted, where God was welcome and celebrate. If that is the atmosphere that you can create in your home, your community or even in your office cabin, if you can host His presence; then that will become the throne for God to sit upon and in mercy, he will start making declarations because he is a God who seeks justice and is diligent in righteousness.

Father, we come to you because you judge in mercy, we welcome you to judge our lives and correct us.
We thank you for course correction is happening right now, change of direction is happening right now, because you will do what is just and righteous. We yield to you the things that we don’t want to, so that you can have your way, in Jesus’ mighty, mighty name we pray. Amen.


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