Place of Burning

Feb 27, 2018 | Evangelism, Podcast

Isaiah 30:33

“Topheth – the place of burning – has long been ready for the Assyrian king; the pyre is piled high with wood. The breath of the Lord, like fire from a volcano, will set it ablaze.”

We see in the bible, Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven and so this week we have been studying to know more about hell and why does bible talk about hell.

Yesterday we saw in the scriptures where hell was referred to as grave. Today the scripture portion we are looking into is from Isaiah chapter 30, verse 33 – where hell is referred as – Topheth.

“Topheth – the place of burning – has long been ready for the Assyrian king; the pyre is piled high with wood. The breath of the Lord, like fire from a volcano, will set it ablaze.”

In Revelation it mentions that this is a place of constant fire, a lake of fire which will not only effect our body but also our soul.

The verse says that this place is already ready for the Assyrian king.

We will have to give an account of everything we do, even the idle word we speak.

The bible says that when Jesus returns back He will slay the antichrist by His breath. And with that same breath He is going to light up this hell.

Hell is not a place made by the devil or the place where devil lives, it is a place that is lit by the nostrils of God. And it is going to be for eternity.

This place is not meant for you, but for the devil. But if we align ourselves to the work of the devil, we will end up in this place.

But there is a way out. When you put your faith in Jesus and invite Him into your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of this hell. All your sins are washed away right at the very moment when you put your faith in Jesus.

You might have a christian name and go to church but if you have not really welcomed this Jesus in to your life as a real ever present help and the Lord of your life then you may be in the danger of this hell which is described in Isaiah 30.

Can you pray with me?

“Father God, You are my creator, You are my Father, You are my everything, You are my Lord. Even when I didn’t know You, You knew me and right now I ask You to help me to receive Jesus that You sent for me on the cross so that the death that Jesus took upon Himself could erase my sins, my past and the pyre of wood that has been piling up against myself and erase the fire that could come out of Your nostrils that could set ablaze my hell for eternity. I pray that the work that Jesus did on the cross, I will be able to receive it by faith. Open my heart to receive the forgiveness that You have prepared for me and open my mind to accept that I am a new person right now. Help me to live like a new person from this moment to the rest of my life here on earth till I meet You face to face and stand before the judgement day and hear Your welcoming lovely sweet voice, embracing me my dear Father, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

If you have prayed this prayer, do write to us and let us know so we can help you as to what to do next to continue to walk with Jesus who can give you eternal life.

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