A Humble People

Oct 1, 2019 | Prayer

A Humble People

Oct 1, 2019 | Prayer

Psalm 18:27 ESV
For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.

We should grow in our dependency, need and presence of God. So often we come to God thinking He needs us more than we need Him, that is a place of arrogance and pride, and we will never receive favour with that kind of attitude.

Even Jesus said that if we are not right with somebody, ‘don’t try to worship, if we don’t have a right relationship with our neighbour, then first set that straight, make peace, and then continue our sacrifice to God and our prayer‘.

But when we come with a humble heart saying we need Him, even in our dealings with people, God listens.

If our prayer has to work the way it is supposed to work then it is very necessary to fix our attitudes.

Psalm 18:27– For you save a humble people but the haughty eyes you bring down (ESV)

This is true about the character of God whether in Old testament or New. Under grace or in the law, doesn’t matter, this is true of God that if we come to God with eyes that look down on somebody else, hence looking at God with the wrong perspective.

We don’t have to go to God saying ‘we are nothing, we are dust‘ etc, but we need to have a really good perspective and whatever we speak, understand about ourselves or the people around us, it needs to be things the word of God can attest also.

So if there’s any kind of arrogance in us, we need to bring ourselves down instead of waiting for God to bring us down.

For God saves a humble people. When we are humble and desperate before God, we will experience the salvation of God. That’s not only in our relationship with God but with the people around us as well. God is watching every single dealings of our life.

Let’s believe God for the spirit of humility to take over our relationships, friendships, bible reading, prayer life etc, to receive with a humble and receptive heart. We need grace and favour to grow.

We need to ask God to:
– Expose our pride
– Expose our arrogance
– Expose our selfishness
– Expose our entitled behaviour
– Expose everything anti-Jesus

Let’s position our heart in a place where we are humble and meek in our relationship with God and with people around us, then we will automatically come to a place where God answers our prayers.

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