A New Testimony

Oct 12, 2018 | Prayer

Jeremiah 23:7-8 NLT
In that day, says the LORD, “when people are taking an oath, they will no longer say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who rescued the people of Israel from the land of Egypt.’ Instead, they will say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the people of Israel back to their own land from the land of the north and from all the countries to which He had exiled them.’ Then they will live in their own land.

God wants you to experience new things from Him everyday. There is not a single day that God doesn’t have something new to offer you. Are you hungry and expectant to receive from Him or are you satisfied with yesterday’s blessing?

What is God releasing in your life for this season? Do you have a new testimony for every season of life?

Praise God that Jesus died for us on the cross and rose again for us on the third day and He is now alive and interceding for us at the right hand of the Father.

How many time has the cross of calvary has the deliverance that God has released for you 2000 years back, manifested for you over the course of this week? Does it really answer the problems and the challenges that you face on a daily basis?

In Jeremiah 23, it s talking about the everyday conversations between the people, where the whole thing is being changed.
Till then where Jeremiah was prophesying, people used to say one testimony of God’s deliverance but then again he is looking in to the future and is prophesying a new testimony of God bringing back the people of Israel from captivity.

Get hungry and desperate for the Lord to do something new today. The atmosphere around is already changing because the Lord is releasing a new open heaven over you and your family today.


Peace will reign and rule in your home in this season, in Jesus name. Wherever you are, let there be a new testimony in your family, in your relationships with your parents and children, in your family commitment to the Lord, the whole atmosphere around your home is changing this morning. No more of fights and challenges that are dishonouring to the name of Jesus. We release the grace of God into your home, in Jesus name we pray, amen!

Expect a new testimony today!

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