Cry Out Day & Night

May 8, 2019 | Prayer

Cry Out Day & Night

May 8, 2019 | Prayer

Luke 18:7
Even he rendered a just decision in the end. So don’t you think God will surely give justice to His chosen people who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off?

This podcast is a repost, originally published on Feb 8, 2017.

In this week series, we have been studying on
– Importance of persistent prayer
– Praying for things that are after the heart and mind of God
One of the most brilliant way is to pray by scripture which is ordained and attested by God and by His Spirit. However, so many times you wouldn’t necessarily see the answers manifest immediately.

In one of the conference, there was a person who was paralysed in one part of his body and a group of people continued to pray for him till the end. To be honest the person was not healed until the end. But we were persistent to pray and continued to believe. We even came back believing that he will be completely healed, delivered and restored.
God enjoys to see His children not lose faith irrespective of the situations and challenges around us.

InLuke 18:7, Scripture is speaking about a widow who went to a judge who feared neither God nor was afraid of people. This widow kept going day in and day out with her request. This judge being an unjust man, even he answered her request since she was being persistent.

God says, when a wicked judge can do that, then God who is good, and righteous and whose very throne is founded on justice, how much more will He not be just to you.

When God says this, God is giving liberty to be persistent with Him. God wants us to be persistent continually in connection with Him, engaged in our heart and continue to remain in a prayerful mode and to draw on His promises and His heart.

The verse goes on to say, “But when the Son of Man returns, how many will He find on the earth who have faith?”
We define faith as something when you prayed and it immediately happened. This is not the only definition of faith.

Jesus said if you are not able to persist, endure, continue to believe, fast and expect a miracle till the end it is not faith.
So many have stopped believing in miracles and healing because they prayed and nothing happened, where as God wants us to be persistent in our prayer.

Our object of prayer when we pray is not the answer coming. We don’t pray that our healing or breakthrough will happen immediately. We pray because we know the God we are serving, we know His love for us, we know He is just and we know His character that it is beautiful and glorious. And if it is so, then we can put a demand on that character, His anointing and His blessing and grace over our life. And whats funny is that God expects us to do that and He enjoys it.

The bible says that “It is impossible to please Him without faith” and God calls this continues, shameless and persistent prayer as “FAITH”.

There are many who are discouraged and disappointed with that one prayer which is not answered yet. Could it be that God is just waiting for you to continue praying and be persistent and continue to push through the situation so that when His will and His heart for you and your family is finally manifested it will be more and more beautiful and glorious than anything else on planet earth for you.

Hope your desire would be to be known as a man or woman who prayed continually and persistently.

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