Deaf Ear to Your Cries

Jun 19, 2018 | Prayer

Isaiah 47:15
And all your friends, those with whom you’ve done business since childhood, will go their own ways, turning a deaf ear to your cries.

Series: The Book of Isaiah

In this season we have been studying the book of Isaiah. The one big main theme of the book of Isaiah is the dependency and trust we need to have on God. The greatest sin of the Israelites was that they stopped trusting in God and started trusting in the human alliances like Egypt, Babylon and Assyria.

In Isaiah 47:15 God is referring to the kingdom of Babylon. Here God is speaking to Babylon as to how they are going to be destroyed and be devastated because of their stubbornness and pride.

Yet the bible says that there can come a time when your trust in God can turn to your friends. When that happens God says He is going to allow your friends to be separated from you.

Sometimes God will not want to share your love, trust or dependency on Him even with someone as close as your friends.

The only person who doesn’t turn a deaf ear to our cries is Lord Jesus Himself. In the presence of Jesus even a wicked king or nation like the nation of Nineveh or King Ahab when they prayed and cried, God heard their prayers, delivered and helped them. God is a God of mercy and love.

There is one number that you can call on and you will never get ignored and that is the number to reach God.

When you are in need the first person you turn to is not the people around you but it has to be God.

Only God is our provider. He works in ways that we cannot even dream or think of.

Just focus on Him this morning. Whatever your need, dream or desire is, just come to the Lord, let Him hear your cry and help you in this season and when He does help you, things will be so much more easier, beautiful and beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.

Have a blessed and amazing day ahead.

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