Earnest Prayer

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Prayer

“But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him.” – Acts 12:5
Transcript: Good morning & Greetings in Jesus name! Welcome to this new day. I believe that the Lord has equipped, empowered and given you every resource according to His name, to do His work, to produce fruit and results here on earth. It’s not going to happen if we are qualified in our natural abilities. We are not going to experience dominion because we have all that it takes to be a great worship leader, pastor or preacher. We are going to experience dominion because of diligence. Now, diligence requires you to be earnest, persistent and consistent, constant, not giving up. The Bible says in Acts 12:5, that the first-century pastor-Apostle Peter, while he was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him. They fasted, they stayed in a place of humility, they stayed in a place of desiring for his release. They stayed in a place of desiring for his release and consistently petitioned the doors of heaven, declaring and fighting for the freedom of Apostle Peter. Now it is one thing to pray when you are in trouble and it is another thing to pray when your movement, your church, your organization, your revival of movement is in trouble. When you pray for things that really do matter to the heart of God, you are going to get the divine enablement for praying, you are going to get the anointing to pray. So many of us, give up midway in our prayer, it is because we are praying in our own ability or because like doing this or we like the outcome that we are praying about, but when we pray about the things that really matter to God himself or the kingdom of God, the kind of outcome what you are I are going to see, will be completely different and will shake the heavens and is going to be surprising to kings of the earth. You will see how king Herod and the guards of the prison, were confused and everybody was thrown into chaos because of how the church prayed. The Bible talked about how an angel was released, came and woke apostle Peter up and brought him out of prison. See, this is not something that was expected. Peter didn’t want to get out of prison, was okay with dying for Jesus; but the church said “it is not time, we need apostle Peter around for longer. The church said, no, no, no we will have the last say” because the Bible says that God has the last say and the Bible says that as the church, you and I, we are the body of Christ here on the earth and whatever we agree together in prayer or whatever we ask the Father, in the name of Jesus, it will be done for us. Now the church said ”it doesn’t matter what apostle Peter wants or doesn’t want, we know what we want“ and they gathered together and declared that apostle Peter will be freed and will come out of that Prison. We won’t experience dominion because of our capabilities but we will experience dominion because of DILIGENCE. Click To Tweet I don’t know who I am inspiring this morning, but you are about to conquer nations and cities by prayer. You are about to take the nation of India and bathe it in power and bathe it in the provision of angels to bring out the Apostle Peters of our nations. There are many men of God in our nation that have been bound, there have been limitations that are put on their ministry. There have been limitations that are put on their homes, their manages that are put on their finances, but today as we pray, there are Apostle Peters that are being freed from their dungeons. Everything that the enemy has done to limit the gospel from being from your city, if you are living in Africa or in The West or wherever you are living in, I want you to pray for your city and the Apostle Peters of your city and I want you to ask the Lord saying “today, we come in agreement Lord, we come in one desire. I am not coming to pray for myself, I am praying for my city in the name of Jesus and as you pray, I want you to envision heavens opening up over your city and envision angels being released to fight for your leaders. Angels being released to fight for your organization, ministry or move of God in your city. Angles being released for the Daniels of your city to experience what Jeremiah experienced, angels being received to bring captives out of the dungeon. Father, we thank you for the spirit of prayer that is spreading wherever this voice is being spread. We thank you that there is a deep desire and passionate pursuit of your plans and your kingdom in our city and nation. We thank you that you are going to equip and empower us for the same. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen!

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