Revelation of the Cause

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Prayer

They will console you, when you see their ways and their deeds, and you shall know that I have not done without cause all that I have done in it, declares the Lord GOD. – Ezekiel 14:23 ESV

Let us shift our focus from the chaos of our circumstances to a new outlook of our lifestyles leading with intentionality allowing God to fulfill the purposes that we are destined for.

In the above Ezekiel 14:23, God through Ezekiel provides justifications to the tribulations faced by his people that is of Israel and Judah. He had also previously given them disclaimers for the upcoming trials through various prophets, asking the people to turn from their wicked ways. However, they disregarded it hence leading them to one predicament after the other.

Some of them found their way back to God and basing off of their new changed lives, God had insinuated a clear cause for all the pain that they’ve been though.

This goes onto understanding of what does God intend to do in our life. What is the cause of our life? When things don’t go according to the plans we’ve constructed, what happens then?

When we finally see what God has perceived for us, we can comprehend the reasoning behind the cause. What we want is not what we need. And what we need is the understanding of why God does what he does. Thus, granting Him to console us.

In the instance of Jacob mourning over the loss of his beloved son, Joseph, his vision was hazy as he couldn’t perceive the cause of what God was doing in his life. Once they were reunited, it sets a clearer picture as Jacob understands the reasoning behind the cause of his son’s hardships allowing him to be comforted and consoled.

Even in your questions raised towards God, do not be clouded with worldly thoughts but have faith inviting God into your hearts helping you to take root in him and be consoled. Ask God for the revelation of the cause to the seasons you’re going through. Be prepared for the answers you’re not ready for. Wait patiently and let Him reveal it to you.

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