The Earnest Prayer

Jul 5, 2019 | Prayer

The Earnest Prayer

Jul 5, 2019 | Prayer

Acts 12:5 NLT
But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him.

This podcast is repost, originally published on March 31, 2017.

Series: The Prayer of the Church

We express our pursuit of worldly things and our pursuit of God in a different manner. We spend sleepless nights studying for an exam or preparing for a meeting but many times we take prayer lightly.

The first century church was really upset about apostle Peter being in prison and sentenced to death. They knew Peter’s life hung on their prayers. And they were not willing to give up.

This is an example of earnest prayer a church should follow. Often individuals and families pray this way, but it is important to do this as a church, to pray non-stop, till we see a breakthrough.

We should shift our focus from ourselves to God’s house and God’s people. Only then will we be moved by the difficulties faced by someone else like it were our own problems.

Jesus was moved with compassion for people and that is what gave Him the strength to be earnest in His ministry and persevere.

If there is anybody in your church or around you that only God can touch and heal, pray for them earnestly till God answers.

May you have supernatural persistence and tenacity in your spirit to take your prayer life to the next level.

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