The People Murmured

Dec 3, 2019 | Prayer

The People Murmured

Dec 3, 2019 | Prayer

Exodus 15:24 KJV
“And the people murmured against Moses, saying, What shall we drink?”

God is thinking about you. He is working for you and working in ways we cannot necessarily understand, see, touch or feel. But when we begin to rely and understand things in a spiritual perspective, we begin to understand that God is always at work in our lives.

We may not necessarily like the way He works in our lives, we may not necessarily understand why God works how He does, why there’s a delay in the answer to our prayers but irrespective of how we prefer or the convenience in our own life we should understand that God has the upper hand and what’s best for us.

The people of Israel had been slaves in Egypt and God had rescued them from Pharaoh with great signs and wonders. These people had encountered many supernatural miracles on their way and encountered God to such a magnified level that no one had ever experienced before.

Now, it may look small for us that they were just thirsty, but they were in the dry wilderness and it could have been tough for them without provision for water. In our natural understanding we may think that this is it, this is all there is, this is the end to our journey with God, however, the problem with these guys were that they began to murmur. They always had access to God through Moses, and could have asked God for water but instead of praying and asking the Lord for provision or what is it that God is trying to teach them in that wilderness, they started to murmur.

Several times in our life, we will be faced with needs and circumstances, which would make us doubt God’s love for us, His promises for us and prophetic words spoken over our life.

What would we do during those seasons? Do we draw near to God and go to Him asking for wisdom and His perspective, do we go deeper in prayer and begin to respond to Him with intimacy, or do we withdraw from Him?

Our prayer can be of two forms – disgruntled, ungrateful murmuring or a grateful thankful response to God’s mercy in our lives and in our past, how He has led us thus far and then begin to ask Him His opinion about our circumstance.

Everybody prays, most Christians who know they have access to God also pray, but what is the difference between them and lovers of Jesus? Lovers don’t murmur, they don’t care if they don’t have water and won’t worry because they know their lives are secure in the hands of their King.

It is because we think that God is not capable or is not as wise as we are that we begin to doubt God’s ways and plans in our life. It may be extremely uncomfortable to be in the wilderness without water, so we need to go ask the Lord for provision, speak to Him and ask Him to give His perspective on the matter or find out what He wants us to learn from the situation.

It is not wrong to doubt, but it is wrong to withdraw from God due to the doubt. Bible talks about how John the Baptist began to doubt whether Jesus really is the Messiah, but instead of withdrawing, he sent his disciples to Jesus to ask Him and clear up the doubt.

That kind of a prayer helps in receiving mercy and provision from the Lord in that season, so instead of murmuring in our prayer today, let’s express thanksgiving and gratefulness and complete reliance on the ways and plans of God.

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